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401k to Gold IRA Rollover Guide

  • Only top rated Gold IRA Rollover Companies

  • Roll over your 401(k) into a gold backed IRA 

  • Transfering your 401k to gold is one way to diversify your retirement portfolio

Updated October 2022


    “Best Gold IRA Rollover Company of 2022”

    Protect your retirement savings with Goldco precious metals IRA. Goldco is one of the only client-focused gold investment companies. It puts the clients’ interests first and provides education on all matters before one invests.

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    • Coins held in IRS approved facilities

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    • 401k & IRA rollover into Gold IRA

    • FREE IRA Guide

    • Thorough explanation of various types of IRA accounts

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    Augusta Precious metals

    “Best Company Reviews”

    Diversify with confidence. This gold IRA company has the best reputation—1000s of top ratings & reviews. The unique one-on-one web conference designed by their Harvard-trained economist is a “must-watch.” It’s easy to see why we rated Augusta #1. They’re endorsed by customer and corporate ambassador, quarterback Joe Montana, and his financial team. They even serve as “protectors” of the gold IRA industry, helping consumers watch out for questionable practices.

    Get up to 10 years of fees reimbursed to your IRA in premium silver coins!

    • 401(k) & IRA rollover into gold or silver IRA

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    • “Protectors” of industry, warnings of some company’s questionable tactics

    4.8 / 5

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    American Hartford Gold

    ” Best Gold Price”

    Protect your retirement savings with American Hartford Gold IRA. What really separates American Hartford Gold Group from all the other gold IRA companies is their Price Match Guarantee.

    Free silver worth up to $5,000 on qualifying purchases

    • Fully trusted by Bill O´Reilly

    • Coins held in IRS approved facilities

    • Near perfect ratings from BCA, TrustPilot, & other sources

    • Free IRA rollover

    • FREE IRA Guide

    • Thorough explanation of various types of IRA accounts

    4.6 / 5

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    Birch Gold Group

    Birch Gold Group has excellent customer service ratings and marketplace trust compared to other companies and is committed to customer education. Their goal is to take the guesswork and hesitancy out of precious metals investing and empower customers to make intelligent changes to diversify their portfolios.

    • Excellent communications with its clients

    • Excellent customer service education initiatives

    • Outstanding recognition among their clients, other professionals, and investment companies

    • Wide range of products and services

    4.6 / 5

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    noble gold IRA

    Noble Gold protect their clients’ financial futures by giving them a safe and easy way to invest in a gold IRA and other precious metals.

    • Wide variety of investment products

    • Low minimum investments

    • Access to rare and collectable coins

    • Premium asset protection through the secure gold depository

    • Free educational materials

    4.3 / 5

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Rollover from 401k to a Gold IRA

If you want to roll over another IRA account, such as a 401k IRA to a Gold IRA, most companies will allow you to do so.

You can directly or indirectly roll over the accounts as the custodian oversees the transfer of funds.

With a direct option, the custodian will be connected to the other account and complete the transaction to your Gold IRA. Indirectly, you will cash out and mail a check to your custodian, funding your Gold IRA.

You have 60 days to complete this procedure. If you fail to meet the guidelines, you may be subject to tax penalties, as a withdrawal will catch the attention of the IRS. The IRS will not count it as a rollover and issue your taxes and fees.

An Inflation Safeguard

It’s no news that gold prices go up when money value falls. In other words, gold protects your savings against inflation or economic uncertainty. Investing in a gold IRA is no different than buying real gold. Therefore, the precious metals IRA offers the same financial safety net as physical gold. Not to mention, a gold IRA increases the value of your retirement savings plan due to the slowly but surely rising gold prices.

What Are the Benefits of a Gold IRA rollover

The advantages of gold IRAs include:

  • Protection against inflation
  • Safety from currency devaluations
  • Diversification to manage investment risk
  • Protection against government seizure
  • The same tax benefits as traditional IRAs

What is a 401k to a Gold IRA rollover?

In simple terms, a Rollover IRA account allows you to move money from your previous employer’s 401(k) or 403(b) account to a Gold IRA. You can also transfer funds from one IRA account to another if you believe they offer a better investment.

Gold IRA Rollover Process Breakdown:
  • Find a Gold IRA Company

    Reputable gold IRA providers will not only give you information, but will also walk you through the process of setting up your new account, hiring a specialist custodian, selecting your precious metals, and deciding where they’ll be held in a secure facility.

    Our top pick is Goldco

  • Identify a Self-directed Gold IRA Custodian

    A gold IRA account custodian is a business that keeps track of all transactions and provides paperwork and services to both you and the IRS.

    We recommend contacting GoldCo for gold IRA reviews of the process if you want additional information on these gold IRA investments.

  • Open Your Gold IRA Account

    Now that you know who will manage your new gold IRA, you must open the account so that your gold IRA provider can start their job. To assist with the buying and selling of precious metals that you want to invest in, such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, the custodian needs to collaborate with the precious metals provider.

    Although there is no minimum investment amount for a gold IRA, most businesses ask that you contribute enough to make it worthwhile to hold.

    Some businesses require a $5,000 to $50,000 investment.

  • Execute Your Rollover

    The next step is to transfer the funds from your existing retirement account to your new gold IRA rollover. There are two methods for doing so: direct and indirect.

    The direct rollover is recommended by most experts since it requires less documentation and is less complicated.

  • Buy Gold

    After the rollover is completed, your gold IRA provider can use their considerable product knowledge to assist you in selecting and purchasing precious metals, as well as having them delivered to a respected secure storage facility of your choice.

Our top-rated gold IRA rollover companies of 2022

The best gold IRA rollover companies featured on the list have been chosen after rigorous research and deliberation.

They meet the following requirements:

  • Reasonable fees and costs
  • Have a BBB rating of at least “A”
  • Have a robust customer support system (telephone, live chat, online form, etc.)
  • Willingness to share starter kits with potential users upon request
  • Happy past customers and current clients

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does a Gold IRA Rollover Work?

Sometimes any movement of funds from one retirement account to another, is referred to as a “rollover”. However, it’s important to note that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) makes a clear distinction between a rollover and a “transfer”. In a rollover, the money being moved is paid to you and you then deposit the funds in the other account. With a transfer, the original custodian of the IRA transfers the funds directly to the new IRA custodian you designated to receive the funds. In essence, you never see the money, personally.

Custodian-to-custodian transfers are the most common method of establishing self-directed IRAs like a Gold IRA with exiting qualified funds. A new account is established with an IRS-approved IRA custodian who, with your consent, requests the transfer of IRA assets from your existing retirement account. The custodian will then be able to accept the money and invest the assets according to your instructions.

Additionally, if you choose to go with a rollover, it is highly recommended to elect to perform a “direct rollover” instead of an “indirect rollover”. Indirect rollovers have withholding requirements and run the risk of incurring early distribution penalties.

What are the IRS Rules for a gold IRA Rollover

The IRS has stringent rules pertaining to an IRA Rollover. As per the IRS regulations if you were to do a Gold IRA rollover, you would have 60 days from the date you receive the funds to deposit the money in the Gold IRA company or Custodian you have chosen.

If you do not complete the transaction within this period, the money becomes a taxable withdrawal and you will face the 10% early withdrawal penalty if you are under 59 1/2. If you are withdrawing from a personal IRA for a rollover to another IRA, there is no tax withholding. But you can do only one rollover per year.

What are the Fees involved in a Gold IRA Rollover

There are no government sanctioned rollover or transfer fees to move over an existing traditional IRA to a precious metals IRA account like a Gold IRA. However, that being said, there may be account application fees involved.

Those sanctioned custodians and administrators of the precious metals IRAs often charge a processing fee in order to start the account opening for these self-directed IRAs like a Gold IRA.

Different administrators will charge different amounts, but the average is approximately $50 for this particular category of fee.

How does a 401k to Gold IRA Rollover work?

If you have a 401(k), you can roll it into an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or another qualified plan without incurring any tax penalties. Here is an overview of some 401(k) rollover rules:

  • When you receive funds from your 401(k) for a rollover, you have 60 days to complete the process. If you fail to do this, the IRS will treat your money as a taxable distribution. Additionally, if you are not yet 59 ½ years old, the IRS will also impose a 10% penalty on the withdrawal on top of the normal income taxation.
  • You are limited to one rollover per year from a 401(k) into an IRA. This one-year period begins on the date that you receive your 401(k) distribution. This applies separately to each IRA that you own.
  • You cannot use the cash from your distribution to purchase investments in the period in between receiving your 401(k) distribution and establishing your IRA.

It is advised that you select the option to perform a “direct rollover” with your 401(k) funds. In a direct rollover, you never receive a check for your distribution; rather, your 401(k) plan provider will transfer the money directly into your new IRA plan.

What Physical Gold is allowed in a Gold IRA Rollover

The IRS has strict regulations pertaining to the types of gold and other precious metals allowed in an IRA. An investor can hold gold bullion, gold coins and bars as long as they meet two basic standards. The gold must be the official currency of a recognized public entity and it must meet a certain purity standard. In the United States, the purity must be 0.995. This standard is different for different countries, so research is necessary to determine the exact purity level that is necessary. The types of physical gold you can hold in a self-directed IRA like a Gold IRA include:

  • The American Gold Eagle coin
  • The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin
  • The Austrian Philharmonic gold coin
  • The American Gold Buffalo coin
  • Gold Kilo Bars
  • Certain Gold Bullion Bars
  • Credit Suisse Gold Bars
  • Swiss PAMP Gold Bars
Updated October 2022


    “Best Gold IRA Rollover Company of 2022”

    Protect your retirement savings with Goldco precious metals IRA. Goldco is one of the only client-focused gold investment companies. It puts the clients’ interests first and provides education on all matters before one invests.

    Open Up a Qualifying IRA Today & Get Up To $10,000 In FREE Silver

    • Fully trusted by Sean Hannity

    • Coins held in IRS approved facilities

    • Near perfect ratings from BCA, TrustPilot, & other sources

    • 401k & IRA rollover into Gold IRA

    • FREE IRA Guide

    • Thorough explanation of various types of IRA accounts

    4.9 / 5

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