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About Us


I am Mikael, and welcome to my website about Gold!

You can read more about me here

Investing in precious metals is easier said than done. Though there are various expensive metals to hold funds in, gold is the expensive metal of choice for most investors. But this “gold rush” doesn’t imply the metal is easy to comprehend and roll with - particularly when viewed from an investment perspective.

The solid demand for gold has made procuring quality gold for investment purposes increasingly challenging. Gold dealers have also concocted ingenious ways to facilitate the process of investing. The seasoned investor would fancy the options, but the amateur investor is likely to get overwhelmed by the various gold investment methods and avenues.

This is where serves as the bridge. has been in the business of facilitating gold bullion transactions, IRA rollovers, etc., for decades. Before coming to life online, our founding partners disseminated gold and general investment knowledge through different channels. is the culmination of those great, investing-savvy minds.

Through our reports, blogs, newsletters, etc., we continuously strive to provide first-time investors, students, homemakers, retirees, and even seasoned folks with reliable and invaluable information about gold investments.

Our goal is to help you gain comprehensive knowledge about gold (IRAs and bullion coins, in particular) so that you make sound investment decisions and do not fall prey to the dubious tactics of some fraudulent businesses. Yes, they do exist.

Why the Push for Gold IRAs?

If you’ve gone through some of our blog posts already, you would have realized that we are strong proponents of gold IRAs.

We believe in gold IRAs because they are the safest, most secure way to invest in physical gold. Moreover, a gold IRA is recognized by Uncle Sam, aka the IRS. In other words, you save tax money by investing in gold bullion through a self-directed IRA arrangement. 

Gold IRAs are fascinating. If you don’t know much about them, get started with our gold IRA guide.

Unlike some of the other publications in the vertical, we do not intend to hard-sell or even soft-sell gold or other precious metal IRAs to our patrons. The objective is primarily to educate our readers about gold IRAs and how critical a component it is when saving for retirement.

Read about our top-rated Gold companies like Goldco, Augusta Precious metals, American Hartford, Birch Gold Group and Noble Gold.

Disclaimer: Like with every other investible commodity, the prices of gold fluctuate. Therefore, do your due diligence before investing. Consult your financial, tax, investment, and legal advisors. will be in no way liable for the wrong investment decisions you make. We shall not take credit for your wise moves too.

The Philosophy Behind Our Recommendations

We want to be the authority in the space and are not interested in making quick conversions. We sparingly throw in dealer and custodian recommendations in our posts – but only if those are genuinely upstanding entities and fit into our conversations organically.

The goal is never to promote a company or claim a gold dealer as the best in the trade if they are not. We don’t market businesses for commission cuts. Even if there are certain things we do not like or are not sure about in a company, we’ll make those explicit in our write-ups.

No company has an impeccable business model or a spick-and-span history. We acknowledge that and, therefore, do not hold certain minor downsides against a company. But if we have major reservations about how a business conducts itself at every stage of the customer acquisition process, we do not hesitate to ignore them completely.

If you’d like to learn more about how we select and review gold IRA firms, click here. Everything from the products and services offered by gold IRA companies, gold IRA fees and other costs, company reliability (licenses, history), and the various other aspects we look for in companies to recommend have been discussed there.

Any questions or just want to contact us, click here.

Best regards,

Mikael Jonson, CEO of