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Goldco Review: Is This The Best Precious Metals Company?

goldco precious metals IRA
Ranked #1 of 68


4.9 / 5

goldco precious metals IRA
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Ready to Protect Your Retirement Savings?
The best about Goldco
  • Near-perfect ratings on all financial consumer sites

  • Zero complaints in the last three years on any major site

  • World-renowned gold and silver IRAs

  • Best buyback program

  • Full-value insurance for all ordered metals

  • $25,000 minimum investment

  • Endorsed by Sean Hannity

  • Over a decade of experience

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Before we get started with this review:
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    We have compiled a list of our top-rated investing firms so that comparing and selecting one that best meets your needs will be as simple as possible.

    >>CLICK HERE to read our list of the top gold investing companies.<<

    Look to see if Goldco was selected to our list this year!


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Goldco Gold IRA Company Review

Goldco Is Ranked #1 out of our top-rated gold IRA companies

Goldco is one of the best gold IRA investment companies out there. The prices are fair, and the security is unmatched. The company takes a very personable approach to its investors while also ensuring faster and easier account control with unmatched professionalism.

There is a wide variety of flexible account options, and the account holder has individual control over each aspect. It is ideal for optimal growth and returns, as you will see in our Goldco review.

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Goldco Pros & Cons

  • A long history of experience (15 years and counting)

  • A+ Better Business Bureau rating (and very high ratings across the board)

  • Specializes in precious metal IRAs

  • Focuses on customer experience

  • Great value for price

  • Minimum required purchase of $25,000

goldco precious metals IRA

$25,000 Minimum Investment

Get up to 10% Back in FREE Silver


Goldco Key Summary 

Goldco offers several quality features in comparison to other Gold IRA companies. Here are some of the top features that Goldco boasts.

Gold IRAYes
Silver IRAYes
Platinum IRANo
Palladium IRANo
Special CoinsYes
Educational LibraryYes
FeesSee Pricing Information
Minimum Purchase$25,000
BBB Rating (A+ to F)A+
BBB Customer Ratings4.83/5
BCA Rating (AAA to F)AAA
BCA Complaints (last 3 years)1 – click here for details
Trustpilot Rating4.8/5 (800+ reviews)
Preferred DepositoryDelaware Depository
Preferred CustodianEquity Trust Company
Physical IRA ApplicationYes
Digital IRA ApplicationYes

Goldco Category Ratings 

Here we review Goldco by category. If you’re interested in our testing methodology, you can read more about how we review Gold IRA companies here

Product Range and Services4.9/5
Customer Care4.9/5
Company Reliability5/5
Customer Reviews4.9/5

The Bottom Line - Do We Recommend Goldco?

Goldco is one of the only customer-focused gold investment companies. It puts the investors’ interests first and provides education on all matters before one invests. It also practices a customer-centered model that allows for better individual control over funds and accounts.

Goldco offers multiple storage options, top-quality IRS-approved precious metal products, and full transparency of all fees before any contracts are signed. They are a reliable company with a long history of making customers happy.

We all know the stock market has its ups and downs. When recessions hit, people tend to panic. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other intangible assets can change significantly in value. Physical gold or precious metals are a lot less volatile and likely to change in worth. For the most part, the worth of gold only ever goes up. It’s an excellent investment to help balance out retirement plans.

Goldco is in my opinion one of the best gold IRA investment company out there. The prices are fair, and the security is unmatched.

– CEO – – Mikael Jonson

Top Government Insiders Warn: The Largest Financial Meltdown In History

Products Range and Services

Our Goldco IRA review shows that Goldco has a range of products available for purchase or investment. They offer gold and silver IRAs and many coins and bars to put in them. Goldco deals with precious metals such as platinum and palladium, as well. The gold and silver assets that are sold and accepted by Goldco IRAs are listed below.

Gold IRA

These are the gold products that Goldco sells and allows for gold IRAs.

  • Canadian Maple Leaf coins
  • American Eagle coins
  • American Buffalo coins
  • Lucky Dragon Coins
  • Australian Crocodile coins
  • Royal Mint Lunar Series coins
  • Gold bars

Silver IRA

These are the silver products that Goldco sells and allows for silver IRAs.

  • Canadian Maple Leaf coins
  • American Eagle coins
  • Australian Crocodile coins
  • Lucky Dragon Coins
  • Royal Mint Britannia Lunar Series coins
  • WWI coins
  • WWII coins
  • Silver bars

401(k) Rollover

401(k) is a beneficial option for individuals soon to retire. Many people chose it for its tax-saving advantages and more individualized control.

You can move assets from an existing retirement plan to gold investments done quickly in two ways. Either you can transfer or roll over funds. A transfer is the movement of assets from an existing account custodian to a new account custodian. Transfers can be made at any time, as often as you want. It is a third-party to third-party move.

A gold IRA rollover is when you take assets from your retirement plan and deposit them in another retirement plan. This way, the assets are traveling from one account to you and then to another account. With a rollover, you have 60 days to redeposit the funds, and you can only do so every 12 months. By using a rollover, you avoid paying taxes on the amount moved.

Traditional and Roth IRA Planning

There are several key differences between traditional and Roth IRA plans. With traditional plans, contributions are deductible depending on qualifications, you must take distributions at 72 years of age, and all deductible contributions and earnings that you withdraw are taxable.

With a Roth IRA plan, your contributions are not deductible, there are no minimum distributions required, and if distributions are qualified, they are not taxable.

With either plan, you can withdraw money at any time, and you can contribute no more than $6,000-$7,000 if you are 50 or older.

SEP IRA Planning

simplified employee pension is a retirement plan made by employers and self-employed people. They are much like traditional IRAs, but the employer is the one who contributes to it, and the yearly contribution limit is much higher.

To qualify, you must be 21 or older, work for an employer for three of the previous five years, and have earned $600 in the current year. These are the minimum requirements. An employer is allowed to set any of these criteria higher if they wish.

SEP IRAs are the same as traditional IRAs when it comes to investment options and taxes.


SIMPLE IRA plan is a retirement plan used by small businesses (i.e., a business with less than 100 employees). SIMPLE is an acronym for “Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees.” This IRA plan allows employers to make a non-elective 2% contribution from employee salaries or a matching contribution of up to 3% of employee salaries.

The maximum yearly contribution is $13,500, unless you are 50 years or older, in which case, you can contribute an additional $3,000 yearly.

To open a SIMPLE IRA, you need to meet the company’s specific requirements that provide it. As well, an accredited refiner must approve all contributions.

Gold Guide Rating: 4.9/5

Pricing Information

The required minimum purchase at Goldco to start a gold IRA is $25,000. Goldco’s preferred Custodian charges a flat annual account service fee which includes a one-time IRA account set-up fee of $50. as well as a $30 wire fee. Annual maintenance is $100, and storage is $150 for segregated storage or $100 for non-segregated storage.

Fees for gold storage and custodianship can vary depending on the company you select to handle these services (required by the IRS, as all IRA assets must be managed by a custodian).

Depending on the Custodian, storage fees can range from $10 to $60 per month, or as a percentage of assets, from 0.35% to 1% annually. Goldco does not charge any storage fees for cash transactions over $25,000.

Goldco Minimum Investments and Costs

To establish an account with Goldco you must provide the minimum investment of $25,000 for IRAs or $3,500 for non-IRAs. It is a hefty amount to put in right at the start, but it is well worth it. Adding a sizable initial payment to your IRA will secure and protect your retirement plan.

As far as costs and fees are concerned, there’s not much to worry about with Goldco. The one-time fees are reasonable, and the annuals fees are even more so. Depending on the custodian and storage options you decide to go with, the prices will vary, but generally speaking, they are not too high.

The larger your initial investment, the more benefits you will receive. If the amount is over $25,000, you will not have to pay storage fees. Also you can get up to 10% Back in FREE Silver. This deal is excellent as it will quite literally give you free money.

Gold Guide Rating: 4.8/5

goldco customer care

Goldco Customer Care

Goldco offers customized services and education before signing any contracts to help customers truly understand all legalities, financial risks, and possible rewards before they invest. They are known for their outstanding, friendly, and customer-oriented customer care. With zero complaints in the last three years, Goldco has a near-flawless reputation among its financial investors.

Goldco Educational Materials

Before signing any contract, Goldco offers their customers educational materials to help them make informed decisions about IRAs and investments. The company has trained specialists to answer any question a customer may have and advise customers where needed. They also offer a 6-step online tutorial and free Self-Directed IRA Guide to ensure you know everything you need to before opening an account.

Gold Guide Rating: 4.9/5

Company Reliability

There are many gold IRA companies, but none do it quite as well as Goldco. This Goldco company review shows that it is one of the top gold IRA companies and for good reasons. They are recognized worldwide by almost every financial outlet and are considered by many to be the best gold IRA company.

Goldco’s focus on customer satisfaction is a large part of what makes them so notable. They put a heavy emphasis on forming a business-consumer alliance. They also make sure to educate the customer on all aspects of IRAs before any contracts are signed. They are always ready to provide support and information and pride themselves on transparency, and customers appreciate that.

In addition to harboring honorable business practices, Goldco also takes business and professionalism very seriously.

Goldco Company History and Background

Goldco was founded in 2006 in California and quickly grew to be one of the most successful Gold IRAs in the country. Goldco has a near-perfect five-star review from the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs, and Trust Pilot. All financial business review sites well regard it.

Trevor Gerszt is the founder of Goldco, and the current CEO is Brenda Whitman. Goldco has also previously used the company names ‘Goldco Precious Metals’ and ‘Goldco Direct.’

Gold Guide Rating: 5/5

Goldco Customer Reviews

Goldco is top-rated by customers. They rarely have complaints and have had none in the last three years. The Better Business Bureau rates them an A+, and Consumer Affairs gives them nearly five stars. No matter where you look, customer and business reviews are almost unanimously perfect.

Goldco Independent 3rd Party Customer Reviews

goldco ratings

There is virtually nothing negative to be found in any Goldco review. Customers always come away pleased with their experience. Goldco cares about what people think of them, and it shows. They put a lot of effort into maintaining the business consumer alliance. They resolved the few complaints that have ever cropped up in the past quickly.

It is nearly impossible to get a group of people to agree on something, but when it comes to Goldco, most give it a five-star rating. That’s pretty impressive.

Some commonalities between things people comment on in their reviews are the fair prices, the friendly and helpful staff, swift and professional management, and the ease with which paperwork and transactions go through. That’s a package deal that’s hard to come by nowadays.

Gold Guide Rating: 4.9/5

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How Does Goldco Compare to Other Gold IRA companies?

For a quick comparison between our Goldco review and other gold IRA companies, check out this chart with all our rankings.

RATING 1-5 WHERE 5 IS BESTGoldcoAugusta Precious MetalsAmerican HartfordBirch Gold GroupNoble Gold

Alternatives to Goldco

Goldco compared to the competition
goldco precious metals IRA

Best for inflation protection

Visit Goldco
  • Gold & Silver IRA

  • $25,000

    $3,500 non IRA

  • $50 + $30

    $100 Admin Annually

  • $150 Segregated

    $100 Non Segregated

  • A+

  • AAA

  • Get 10% back in FREE silver

American Hartford Gold
American Hartford Gold

Best Gold IRA Price

Visit AHG
  • Gold & Silver IRA

  • $10,000

    $2,500 non IRA

  • $50

    $180 Admin Annually

  • Variable

  • A+

  • AA

  • Free silver worth up to $5,000 on qualifying purchases

Augusta Precious metals
Augusta Precious Metals

"Best Company Reviews"

Visit Agusta
  • Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium

  • $50,000

    $50,000 non IRA

  • $50

    $200 Admin Annually

  • $125


  • A+

  • AAA

  • None

birch gold group
Birch Gold Group

Best Customer Reviews

Visit Birch Gold
  • Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium

  • $10,000

    $5,000 non IRA

  • 80$

    80$ Annually

  • $100


  • A+

  • AAA

  • None

noble gold IRA
Noble Gold

Best Education

Visit Noble Gold
  • Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium

  • $10,000

    $3,000 non IRA

  • $0

    $80 Admin Annually

  • $150


  • A+

  • AA

  • First-year fees waived for qualifying IRAs

If you are looking for other options, consider the two alternatives below:

Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals is a remarkably highly rated gold IRA company committed to transparency, simplicity, and diversifying retirement portfolios. The company has been in operation since 2012. 

They are known for their low prices, specialized departments, and customer commitment. While the personal agent and lifetime support are astonishing, there is no option for placing online orders.

You can read our full review of Augusta Precious Metals on our website.

American Hartford Gold

American Hartford Gold is an American gold IRA company and an Inc 500 Company. It is well-suited to retirees, young investors, and headline traders. It is extremely highly rated and praised for its devotion to educating customers, hard asset IRA availability, and expert precious metal specialists. 

It has a well-established and longstanding reputation of trust and customer satisfaction. 

If you’d like to learn more about American Hartford, check out our full review.

How to Invest In Goldco?

Setting up an account with Goldco is incredibly easy. There is a simple, 3-step process to set up an account with Goldco.

Setting up an account with Goldco is incredibly easy. There is a simple, 3-step process to set up an account with Goldco.
  • Fill out the application on their website.

  • Choose how you want to fund your account.

  • Select the precious metal(s) you want.

The Investing experts can help you with every step along the way, or you can set up your account entirely on your own. Once you’ve set up your account, Goldco will store and protect your precious metals for you. To begin, order their free Self-Directed IRA Guide.

If you’re interested in investing in a Gold IRA, read our investor’s guide.

How to Open a Gold IRA with Goldco

goldco precious metals IRA

$25,000 Minimum Investment

Get up to 10% Back in FREE Silver


Goldco FAQs

1. What is the minimum investment for Goldco IRA?

The minimum investment Goldco allows is $25,000 for IRA investments and $3,500 for non-IRA investments.

2. What type of metals should I choose with my Goldco Gold IRA?

Goldco has a list of approved metals that are suitable for use in an IRA. Gold, silver, palladium, and platinum are proper metals for an IRA if they are IRS-approved. There are specific coins, bars, and bullions that Goldco sells and approves for use.

3. When can I qualify for the Goldco Gold IRA distributions?

Goldco allows you to start collecting penalty-free distributions at 59 years of age.

4. Is there a buyback program for Goldco Gold IRA?

Goldco asks that customers offer first to sell their precious metals to them, but it is not required. Law prevents any gold investment company from guaranteeing buybacks, but the company has never refused one.

5. What storage options do I have with Goldco?

Goldco has several storage options. $100 DDSC non-segregated (recommended), $100 Brinks Salt Lake City non-segregated, and $150 IDS Texas segregated.

6. Why do I need a custodian to handle precious metals in my Goldco IRA?

The simple answer is because all independent retirement accounts require custodians. The more complicated answer is that the custodians’ duties are to handle all paperwork concerning the physical metals. This paperwork includes tax reporting, withdrawals, and transactions.

7. Who is the custodian of Goldco Gold IRA?

Equity Trust Company for Precious Metals Accounts is the custodian partnered with Goldco.

8. How long will it take to roll over my IRA to the Goldco Gold IRA?

You are able to roll over your IRA into a Goldco account in two weeks, though times may vary.