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Mikael Jonson

Mikael Jonson

Gold Guide Owner

Hi! Thank you for visiting my blog.

Before I delve further into what this blog is about and its mission and vision, let me tell you more about myself. I will not discuss what I do at home in my comfort outfits, the number of people in my family, what they are up to, and so on. With that disclaimer out of the way, here’s some information about me that matters.

My name is Mikael Johnson, and I am a habitual investor who believes in saving for the future. If I make $100, I set aside half of it (at least). I think no financial position is assured, and investing/saving money is the best financial decision anybody can take for their future.

I like investing in stocks, mutual funds, and less liquid assets like real estate and precious metals. I don’t buy gold watches, jewelry, etc. I also don’t like gold in my food. I like gold bars and coins instead.

Call me conservative, but my bets in gold have served me well over the years—be it during challenging market conditions or when the stock market rallies. Gold has intrinsic value that no government or entity can remove or deny. Once I realized that, I became more intrigued about gold’s investing side.

With time, my appreciation for the metal only increased. I started to invest and trade in them more. Fast-forward several years; I now know gold better than any average individual. But I don’t want to keep all that knowledge to myself. It feels pretty self-centered not to share valuable information with the world. 

With, the vision is to educate people about gold investments and everything there’s to it—such as inflation protection, stability, a sense of ownership, etc. Although our website is relatively new (a few years old), I laid the seed for it decades ago. I was just not very handy with the web back then. Now, I am, and I also have capable people helping me set up and grow this web property.

We would like to share our collective experiences with gold (which are predominantly positive) through insightful and well-researched write-ups. You’ll know what I am talking about through the articles already published on our blog.

We’ve just begun, and more than a handful of topics are already covered (with hundreds more in the pipeline). From gold IRAs and proof coins to coverage on specific providers and much more, the goal is to cover the gold landscape in its entirety and dole out accurate and detailed information about every topic we take on.

If you’re still on the fence about gold investing, we believe our write-ups will provide the right inspiration and information you need to get rolling. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, you can always get in touch with us.

I continually strive to protect my wealth and safeguard my future. Gold investments have helped me a great deal in that pursuit. I want you to know that and am sure gold investing will do the job for you too.

Happy investing!



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