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Canadian War of 1812 Gold Coins

Few bullion coins represent or are meant to mark a mutiny or war that happened centuries ago. Among the few is the Canadian War of 1812 gold coin. It may not be the most popular gold coin in the world or even in Canada, but it’s certainly worth taking a second look at, especially if you’re into investing in fine gold coins.

Canadian War of 1812 Gold coin

Australian Gold Kangaroo Coins

  • ¼ oz

  • 24-karat, 0.9999 fine

  • Bullion (uncirculated), proof


  • Design

    Like most Canadian bullion coins, the 1812 War gold coin bears the effigy of the Queen at the front. The warring American Eagle and English Lion adorn the reverse, with a Canadian maple leaf battle shield positioned between the two.

  • Minting

    The Royal Canadian Mint began production of the coin in 2012 under the aegis of the Canadian government. It continued making the coin until 2013.

  • Quality Guarantee

    The Royal Canadian Mint fully backs and guarantees the weight and 24-karat purity of the Canadian war of 1812 gold coins. Since the mint is a Crown corporation, meaning managed and owned by the Government of Canada, the 1812 war gold coin has the state’s official backing.

About Gold coins

When people think about Canadian gold coins, the first one that hits their minds is Maple Leaf gold coins. The coin is unarguably the most popular Canadian bullion coin. Made by the Royal Canadian Mint, it is 99.99 percent pure gold and comes in multiple denominations. The overwhelming popularity of the coin pushes several other excellent Canadian coins out of the spotlight. One of them is the Canadian War of 1812 gold coin.

The War of 1812 played a key role in helping the United States establish itself as an independent nation. Although there were quite a few setbacks, the revolutionary war helped America project its navy as a force to reckon with. Canada (a British province then) had a lot of positive takeaways too. The Canadian War of 1812 gold coin was issued to mark the 200th anniversary of the coin. If you are into pure gold coins, this one is worth getting to know about.

In this article, we discuss the following:

  • The coin’s significance, historical connection, etc.
  • Design of the coin and what it signifies
  • The coin’s purity, sizes, and variants (proof, uncirculated, etc.)
  • Is the coin worth investing in and more

If you’re not familiar with the Canadian War of 1812 gold coin, that’s all right. The coin isn’t the most popular gold coin ever. But since it’s a pure gold coin with historicity, it deserves more than just a glance. Read on to get to know the coin in greater detail and ascertain if it’s worth investing your money.

About the Canadian War of 1812 Gold Coin

The Canadian War of 1812 gold coin symbolizes the war fought between the British and America on Canadian soil. The coins were first issued in 2012, marking the historic conflict’s 200th anniversary. The Royal Canadian Mint, a crown corporation that produces various circulation, commemorative, and collector coins of Canada, minted the War of 1812 coins as well. In case you were wondering, the coin is legal tender within the different territories and provinces of Canada.

A Brief Overview of the Canadian War of 1812

Although termed the “Canadian” war, the 1812 War was primarily a battle between the United States and Great Britain. Canada was caught in the military conflict because it was a colony of Britain back then and not the country that we know now yet. The Upper Canada province was directly involved.

The Kingdom of Great Britain established the province in 1791, which was tactically important to the Americans and British due to its positioning close to the Great Lakes. The British forces utilized Upper Canada as a base to attack U.S. territory. The Americans viewed the province as a probable target to attack and seize the Great Lakes region control and dishevel British supply lines.  

American forces tried to invade Upper Canada multiple times in 1812, 1813, and 1814. However, the British and its indigenous allies pushed the Americans back on all occasions. Besides military action, the general Upper Canada public supported the war effort by providing supplies to the U.K. army as they were mostly British immigrants and French-speaking Canadian volunteers.

The war was concluded in 1814 with no winner declared. The Treaty of Ghent officially marked the war’s end. Even though no one emerged truly victorious, the war significantly contributed to Canada’s development and fostered a sense of national identity and unity among the citizens. Similar nationalist sentiments emerged in the United States and boosted America’s standing globally, which was earlier considered young and weak.

Great Britain, on the other hand, was among the most powerful countries, which was involved in a few other wars at that time, particularly with France dubbed the “Napoleonic Wars.” Although the war didn’t benefit Britain significantly, it was able to prevent the further incursion of America into its colonies, solidifying its control over the territories.  

Canadian War of 1812 Gold Coin Specifications

The Canadian War of 1812 gold coin is 24-karat, 0.9999 fine gold. It comes in a single variant: ¼ oz.

Size¼ oz
Diameter20 mm
Thickness1.7 mm
Weight7.8 g
Face value10 CAD

Although bigger or smaller sizes are conspicuously missing, the ¼ oz size is a decent size. It’s not too big, yet very accessible.  

Why Invest in the Canadian War of 1812 Gold Coin?

If you’re a Canadian patriot with an appetite for investing in pure gold coins, the 1812 War gold coin is worth consideration. Even an American or British national will feel connected to the coin due to their involvement in the war. The war is particularly a pivotal moment or significant chapter in American history. Nationalistic sentiments aside, the coin is 24-karat gold—that is reason enough to buy the coin. Even if the coin’s historical connections don’t pay dividends, its sheer purity will continue to uphold the coin’s market value.

Canadian War of 1812 Gold Coin Design

The front or obverse side of the 1812 War gold coin bears the effigy of Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The word “ELIZABETH II” can be seen engraved atop the image. The portrait is supposedly the fourth-generation image of Queen Elizabeth II on Canadian coins. It’s an effigy design of the Queen that has appeared on all Canadian coins’ obverse since 2003. The term “CANADA” is mentioned on the bottom-left perimeter, with the coin’s face value stated in the bottom-right.

The reverse side bears imagery of two raging beasts. The right one represents the American Eagle, while the left side portrays the English Lion, with a maple leaf-adorned battle shield between them. The coin’s rear design is meant to represent the combating countries of Britain and America. The period “1812-2012” is inscribed at the top, marking the 200th anniversary of the war. The coin’s purity information is mentioned beneath the imagery. The letters “CBS” are inscribed in small letters on the left side. It’s a sign the coin is legitimate.  

Canadian War of 1812 Gold Proof Coin

The Canadian War of 1812 gold coins have proof versions as well—the mintage was limited to 2,000 coins. The proof sets were churned out later at the beginning of 2013. The coin also has brilliant uncirculated variants, with a mintage of close to 116,000 coins.

Canadian War of 1812 Gold Coin Value and Prices

The Canadian War of 1812 gold coins hold both numismatic and historical value, making them desirable among investors and coin collectors alike. It is not the most popular Canadian coin but stands out for representing Canadian history. The coin bears a face value of CAD 10. But because the coin is pure gold, it’s worth a lot more than that, varying according to the spot price of gold. To learn more about the trading value of the coin, visit the links below.

Canadian War of 1812 Gold Coin: Where to Buy

The Canadian War of 1812 gold coin isn’t the most popular bullion coin of its kind and finding them at your local precious coins dealer would be difficult. But quite a few precious metal dealers sell the coin to the public and ship it globally. JM Bullion, Provident Metals, Royal Bull, Silver Gold Bull, etc., are the dealers who ship coins worldwide in secured packaging and ensure safe delivery to any part of the world. The product is usually shipped within a few business days. Regarding availability, the ¼ oz version is the most common.

Which Canadian War of 1812 Gold Coin Variant Should You Buy?

Since the Canadian War of 1812 gold coin is made in ¼ oz size only, you have no choice but to opt for the particular variant.


If you’re looking to buy a gold coin that’s unique, made of only gold, and can qualify for a precious metals IRA arrangement, look at the Canadian War of 1812 gold coin. The coin is not as mainstream as some other popular gold coins, which we believe contributes to the coin’s allure. Scoring the coin, however, could be difficult since it’s usually out of stock. Check the stock status of the coin at the links shared above if you’d like to purchase one.

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Is the Canadian War of 1812 gold coin IRA eligible?

It’s not clear whether the Canadian War of 1812 is eligible for a gold IRA (individual retirement account). The coin is pure gold and manufactured by a credible, IRS-recognized mint, meeting the major criteria to qualify for inclusion in a precious metals IRA. But because the 1812 war gold coin isn’t the most popular or recognizable bullion coin, it’s not obvious whether it qualifies for an IRA. Because it meets the two important criteria, we would like to believe you can include the coin in your gold IRA. To confirm things, however, contact your IRA custodian or IRS itself.

Are Canadian War of 1812 gold coins a good investment?

Yes, the 1812 War gold coin is a worthwhile investment purely for the fact that it’s pure gold. As mentioned earlier, even if the coin loses its historical significance, it will continue to be worth its weight in gold. Our take would have been different if the coin was a gold alloy.

Canadian War of 1812 gold coin vs. Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin: What’s the difference?

The main difference between the two coins is their designs. Even though the fronts are similar, their backsides are quite different. Another difference is their popularity or global recognition. The Canadian Maple Leaf coin enjoys much greater recognition among the global investor community than the 1812 War gold coin.

Canadian War of 1812 gold coin vs. American Eagle gold coin: What’s the difference?

The American gold coin differs from the 1812 War gold coin on several fronts: country of origin, design, etc. Perhaps, the biggest difference, and the one that matters the most to investors, is its composition. Unlike the 1812 War coin, the American Eagle gold coin is not 24-karat. It is instead 22-karat or 91.67 percent gold, with the remainder being copper and silver.

How can you tell a fake Canadian War of 1812 gold coin?

Since the 1812 War gold coin is not immensely popular, the chances of you stumbling upon a fake version are very slim. But if you’d like to confirm, ensure the design is identical to the original, without even a minor modification. The Royal Mint has not made the coin in varying designs. Therefore, checking the coin for the original design shouldn’t be an issue. And, as always, do the usual gold purity tests, such as acid test, XRF (X-ray fluorescence), laser spectroscopy, etc.

What is the Canadian War of 1812 gold coin worth?

Since the Canadian War of 1812 gold coin is fine gold, it’s worth its weight in gold or whatever the market price of gold is at any given time.

Is the Canadian War of 1812 gold coin available in other precious metals?

Yes, the Canadian War of 1812 gold coin is available in silver and platinum. Their designs are the same as the gold coin, except for a few minor changes representing the material used. Both the coins are 0.9999 pure, minted by the Royal Canadian Mint, and backed by the Canadian federal government.