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Johnson Matthey Gold Bar

Gold bars aren’t “design masterpieces.” But they hold value and heritage, particularly bullion bars made by some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Johnson Matthey.

Johnson Matthey Gold Bar

Johnson Matthey Gold Bar

  • Troy ounces (1/10, ¼, ½, 1., 2, 5, 10); grams (1, 2.5, 5, 10, 20, 100, 500, 1000)

  • 99.99 percent, 24-karat

  • Uncirculated, polished


  • Design

    Like most gold bars, the JM gold bars are straightforward, rectangular slabs. The front bears all the necessary information about the gold bar. The reverse side has the Johnson Matthey logo stamped repeatedly.

  • Minting

    JM gold bars have been made for decades at various mints worldwide. The production, however, came to a screeching halt in 2014. The ones currently available for grabs on the market were minted pre-2014.

  • Quality Guarantee

    Since Johnson Matthey makes these gold bars, the quality and purity of the bars are given. It’s worth mentioning that the UK government commissioned JM to make its silver and other bullion coins back in the day.

Although there’s no dearth of gold coins or bullion bar manufacturers, only a handful of names grab attention or are known worldwide. That could be due to the gold bar design (we are not sold on that) or the company that makes them (most likely). If the name engraved on the gold bar holds tons of cachet, it is bound to be valuable. One such name is “Johnson Matthey.”

Johnson Matthey is not purely a bullion bar manufacturer. It has had its feet wet in several domains before and continues to dabble in them. The company has been making bullion bars for decades. Although they don’t make precious metal bars anymore, there’s no dip in popularity or market value for the ones already made. If you’ve not heard about the company, its gold bars, or bullion items made of other precious metals, it’s worth the time and effort to know them more. And, through this article, you’ll learn just that.

To provide a comprehensive overview, we’ll discuss the following:

  • JM bullion bars and the company behind them
  • The design and various sizes of the bar
  • Investing in the gold bar
  • Where to buy the gold bar, in what sizes, and more

If you occasionally boast about your knowledge of precious metal bars but don’t know much about Johnson Matthey bars and would like to change that, keep reading.

About the Johnson Matthey Gold Bar

Johnson Matthey gold bars are among the most prestigious and sought-after precious metal bars in the bullion industry. The precious metal bar is renowned globally for its quality and purity. Owing to its popularity, JM bars have been minted in several regions, including the UK, USA, and other parts of the world. However, the production of the bars has drastically dropped over the years—more on that later. To understand and appreciate the popularity of JM gold bars, it’s imperative to get to know JM better. 

Johnson Matthey: The British Giant

A British multinational headquartered in London, Johnson Matthey is a company focused on sustainable technologies and specialty chemicals. It’s London Stock Exchange-listed, besides being a part of Footsie or the FTSE 100 Index. The “Johnson Matthey” brand name has been around for decades.

Johnson Matthey started its journey in 1817 as a gold assayer courtesy of the company’s founder Percival Norton Johnson. It, however, wasn’t known as Johnson Matthey then. The United Kingdom’s biggest precious metals business assumed the “Johnson & Matthey” name after George Matthey entered the firm in 1851. The following year the company became the Bank of England’s official refiner and assayer. Over the years, Johnson & Matthey became a significant player in the space.

Johnson Matthey was always committed to responsible sourcing and sustainability. For its gold bars, the company used gold mined and processed responsibly. Moreover, the company has instituted several initiatives to foster sustainable mining activities and decrease the overall environmental impact over the years. Do note that JM mints no longer cast gold bars after the company exited the space in 2014, selling its precious metals refining business to Asahi Holdings, a Japanese company.

The company’s primary focus is on clean air, hydrogen technologies, specialty chemicals, etc. It provides catalysts and similar technologies for pharmaceuticals, automotive, and chemical processing. Notably, the company continues to be in the precious metals space, but not necessarily as a bullion manufacturer, or it doesn’t cast bars. It is a significant player in the PGM (platinum group metals) space. As of 2021, the company recycles sufficient platinum group metals annually to make several million catalytic converters.  

Johnson Matthey’s Gold Bar Specifications

Johnson Matthey’s bars come in various sizes, measured in either grams or ounces, to cater to investors worldwide. The gram size variations range from 1 to 500 grams. The troy-ounce variants begin at 1/10th of an ounce and go up to 10 ounces. The 1 oz and 10 oz. versions are more common. Below is a complete list of the sizes and dimensions:

Troy OuncesGrams

Note: One-kilogram JM bullion bars are also available.

Why Invest in the Johnson Matthey Gold Bar?

Johnson Matthey is a company with a history and reputation. Therefore, anything the company makes is worth taking a second look at. The company’s precious metal bars have been around for decades, primarily for their quality. The precious yellow metal bars are 99.99 percent pure. The brand recognition and the maximum purity render the bars worth investing in. And because the precious metal bars are globally recognized, banks and precious metal dealers readily accept the gold bar.

Most importantly, JM gold bars are no longer in active production after the company folded its bullion operations in 2014. As a result, the precious metal bars are now selling for a slight premium than they were pre-2014. Considering the Matthey brand's familiarity with the market, the prices could go up in the future, making them more expensive than they already are. That’s another good reason to snag up the precious metal bar now.

Johnson Matthey’s Gold Bars’ Design

Like most gold bullion bars, JM’s bullion bars have straightforward designs. The rectangular slab of pure gold has pertinent information on its face or obverse side. The bar’s reverse side is adorned with the Johnson Matthey logo repeatedly. Note that the design details could differ slightly based on the bar’s size. Bars made as special editions or to commemorate a special occasion could have more intricate designs and finishes. All the gold bars bear the “JM” initials, the organization’s stamp. Some could even have a unique serial number.

Johnson Matthey Gold Bar’s Metal Content

Johnson Matthey yellow metal bars are 24-karat, 99.99 fine gold. And that is irrespective of the bar size. Since pure gold is quite malleable and easily bendable, JM bars come in a sealed, tamper-proof package to prevent distortion.  

Johnson Matthey Gold Bar’s Value and Prices

Since Johnson Matthey’s bullion bars are pure gold, they are worth their weight in gold. The gold bars’ market price is whatever the value of gold is at a given point. But since JM bars are difficult to find due to discontinued manufacturing, you’d likely find the bar selling for a slight premium. This Johnson Matthey 1-kg bar sells for around $48,000. Depending on when you check the page out, the price could have increased or dipped. And since these are gold bars and not meant to serve as legal tender, the bullion bars don’t have face values.

Johnson Matthey Gold Bar: Where to Buy

You can purchase Johnson Matthey precious metal bars online. Since the gold bar is no longer in production, you may have hard-pressed to find it in a local store, particularly those outside the UK. The stock status is also not a given at online stores due to the dwindling stock. And if you’re buying the bar online, ensure you look for it at the right place. The recognized seller list includes Suisse Gold, Raw Rough, Bullion Mart, Pacific Precious Metals, APMEX, and JM Bullion.

Do note that there’s a high probability that the gold bar may be out of stock at these online stores. You’d most likely find them on the secondary market. Moreover, the shipping won’t be worldwide at all the dealers. For instance, Bullion Mart may not ship outside Canada and the United States. The shipment is sent across safely, with the package insured. And if your shipping address is eligible for free shipping, the order shipped won’t cost you anything.

The payment must be made online–for instance, credit/debit cards, bank wire, etc. Cash on delivery payment method is highly unlikely. The carrier fully insures the shipment. If you dislike what was delivered, you could request a refund. Maybe the product got damaged during transit, or there are quantity discrepancies. Just notify the seller through phone or mail about the issue so that the order is shipped back to them via UPS, USPS, or some other delivery partner.

Which Johnson Matthey Gold Bar Variant Should You Buy?

Since JM bullion bars are hard to find in 2023, the bigger question is will you be able to find one? When availability was not a concern, the 1 oz gold bar was quite popular among buyers. It was the right size (not too big, not too small) and great value. The next popular version was the 10 oz size. So, if you have the choice, opt for the bar’s 1 or 10-oz version. If not, snag any version or size variant you could pick up. If not anything, the gold bar is intrinsically valuable. If you’re looking for the 1 kg variant, be wary of the high shipping and other costs.  


Investing in Matthey gold bars is undoubtedly a solid and reliable way to buy gold and diversify your investment portfolio. Since the bullion bar is made of fine gold, it’s bound to safeguard your finances against political and economic uncertainties. The high purity levels, low premiums, brand recognition, and the parent company’s commitment to sustainability render the precious metal item excellent for investing in gold. The gold bar comes in various sizes, making it accessible to a broad range of investors with different budgets and investing tendencies. If you’re wondering about the bar’s IRA eligibility, we suggest you talk to your custodian. 

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Is the Johnson Matthey gold bar IRA eligible?

It’s not cut and dried. The gold bar is a 24-karat piece. That’s one green light. However, the IRS requires precious metals IRA (individual retirement account) gold to be made by a recognized mint as well. Since JM precious metal bars are made at different mints in various parts of the world, that is a slight pushback against the gold bar’s IRA candidacy. Ultimately, it depends on the particular gold bar or where it’s made. To confirm the same and get more information, contact your IRA custodian.

Are Johnson Matthey gold bars a good investment?

Yes, as JM yellow metal bars are pure gold and recognized globally, they are solid investments. Go ahead and buy a gold bar if you can procure one.

Johnson Matthey’s gold bar vs. PAMP Suisse gold bar: What’s the difference?

Johnson Matthey and PAMP Suisse are respected and recognized names in the bullion bar industry. Besides the branding and rear design differences, their gold bars are not very unique. The size variations are comparable as well. However, it’s worth noting that PAMP enjoys greater brand recognition than Johnson Matthey, especially in Europe. Their gold bar designs are also more decorative and detailed than JM bars.

Johnson Matthey and PAMP Suisse are respected and recognized names in the bullion bar industry. Besides the branding and rear design differences, their gold bars are not very unique. The size variations are comparable as well. However, it’s worth noting that PAMP enjoys greater brand recognition than Johnson Matthey, especially in Europe. Their gold bar designs are also more decorative and detailed than JM bars.

Like Matthey, Credit Suisse is also a renowned precious metal refinery, possibly a bit more well-known. As far as the two company’s gold bars go, both are made of pure gold, are rectangularly shaped, and come in varied sizes. The texts engraved and their pattern are different.

How can you tell a fake Johnson Matthey gold bar?

Official JM gold bars have their weight, logo, and purity information stamped. Although replicating those engravings is not impossible, you could be certain that a bar without those details is not genuine. Also, the original JM gold bar packaging is tamper-evident. A fake gold bar may not come with that secured packaging. And since the gold bar is .9999 fine, a Matthey gold bar that isn’t pure gold is not the real deal. To ascertain the gold bar’s integrity, perform gold authenticity tests, such as a magnet test or XRF spectrometer testing.

What is the Johnson Matthey gold bar worth?

A JM gold bar’s worth depends on its size and the spot price of gold. The actual worth could be marginally greater than regular gold since the bar’s price accounts for the making charges, shipping costs, etc.

Are there Johnson Matthey bars in other precious metals?

Besides gold, there are Matthey bullion bars in other forms: silver, platinum, and palladium. The designs of these other precious metal bars are not quite similar to the gold bar, except for some textual engraving changes. They come in different sizes, and their purity levels are very high.

The platinum Johnson Matthey bar, for instance, is 99.95 percent pure. The silver and palladium bars are almost identically pure. If you’d like to know more about the JM silver bar sizes, click here. Do note that since Johnson Matthey’s precious metal bars are no longer in production, you’d be hard-pressed to find them in stock, particularly the non-gold ones.