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Valcambi Gold CombiBar

There’s not much scope for innovation with gold bars or coins. But the Valcambi CombiBar, with its LEGO-like construction, defies those odds.

Valcambi Gold CombiBar

Valcambi Gold CombiBar

  • 5 g, 20 g, 10 oz, 50 g

  • 99.99 percent pure, 24-karat gold

  • Brilliant, uncirculated


  • Design

    The Valcambi CombiBar is quite akin to other popular gold bars. The front and back sides have the weight and purity information and the logo.

  • Minting

    Valcambi SA produces CombiBars at its state-of-the-art factories. Valcambi is known for making high-quality bullion products, which include the CombiBar.

  • Quality Guarantee

    Valcambi CombiBars are made by a company known for making high-quality gold bullion bars. Moreover, the weight and purity details are stamped on the bars, providing added assurance.

With gold coins, there’s scope for design and other intricacies. Gold bars, however, are usually one thick rectangular slab of gold with their dimensions and further details mentioned on the obverse. The reverse is usually plain or littered with the gold company’s logo. Very few try to change that status quo. The Valcambi CombiBar is one among them.

There are still no drastic changes in design or shape compared to gold and silver bars. But the packaging or overall presentation is unique. How many gold bars have you come across put together like some chocolate bar? We guess none. The Valcambi CombiBar is the only one of its kind. Despite doing away from the convention, Valcambi CombiBars are extremely popular among investors. But there’s more to the innovative product than just its unique packaging. We’ll cover them all in this article.

Here are the topics of discussion:

  • A brief overview of Valcambi CombiBars
  • The bar’s specifications, design, metal content, etc.
  • Why should you consider investing in the bar
  • Where should you buy the gold bar
  • Answers to some common questions and more

The Valcambi CombiBar is not the most popular gold bar since it’s relatively new. But the bullion bar is set to become one of the most renowned. Read on to find out what that means and more.

About Valcambi Gold CombiBar

First made available in 2011, the Valcambi Gold CombiBar is multiple 1-gram gold bars packaged as one large gold bar. Also referred to as the “chocolate bar,” Valcambi CombiBars can quickly disintegrate into several pieces of 1-gram squares. Depending on the packaged bar’s weight, the number of 1-gram bars in a given pack will vary.

Valcambi is the sole manufacturer of CombiBars. It makes the 1-gram bars adhering to the DIN A8 configuration. Because a Valcambi CombiBar is a bullion bar and not a coin, it is not legal tender and does not carry any face value. Valcambi CombiBars cannot be used in transactions. But that doesn’t imply the bar is not valuable—more on that later.

Valcambi: An Overview

Situated in Balerna, Switzerland, Valcambi is a wholly owned European Gold Refineries Holding SA (EGR) subsidiary. Global Gold Refineries AG owns European Gold Refineries. REL Singapore owns 95 percent of GGR. Rajesh Exports Limited holds the remaining 5 percent. But because Rajesh Exports is REL Singapore’s parent firm, Rajesh Exports currently controls Valcambi.

Valcambi was founded in 1961. In 1967, it became a Credit Suisse subsidiary, the Swiss corporate behemoth. Between 1967 and 2003, Valcambi made both minted and cast bars for Credit Suisse. Valcambi was the first accredited refiner to make a 1 kg gold bar. Not all Valcambi-made gold bars bear the Valcambi name, but most of the bars made prior to 2003 did.

Do note that EGR was formed after amalgamating Valcambi and Newmont Corporation, a Colorado-based firm. Starting in 2003, all Valcambi-made precious metal bars sport a refreshed Valcambi stamp. More of the gold bar’s design aspects have been discussed below.  


The Valcambi CombiBar comes in different sizes: 100 grams, 50 grams, 20 grams, 5 grams, 1 oz, etc. As mentioned above, these can be broken down into 1-gram gold pieces. The bigger the gold bar’s overall size, the more the number of 1-gram units. The gold bar seldom comes in solitary 1-gram gold pieces. However, you can find them in the secondary market. The various 1-gram mini gold bars are packaged to conform to the above size requirements. The packaging helps hold the multiple bars together and ensures no damage to the pure gold bars.

As far as the dimensions of the bars go, they differ with the bar’s size. The 50-gram gold bar, for instance, is 74 mm broad, 52.5 mm tall, and has a thickness of 0.85 mm. The 50-gram bar is compact enough to fit a standard wallet like a credit card. The bar weighs 1.607 ounces.

Why Invest in the Valcambi Gold CombiBar?

There are several reasons you must consider investing in a Valcambi CombiBar. First, the bars are 24-karat pieces, which means the bullion bars are worth their value in weight. So, the bars are not losing their worth anytime soon or until gold remains valuable. And because gold increases in price over time, the money stored in the bar will also appreciate.

The unique packaging is another reason investors shouldn’t overlook CombiBars. Although the novel packing doesn’t mean much monetarily currently, it would drive the gold bar’s prices up once Valcambi stops making CombiBars and demand for the gold bars increase. Your investments in the bar will be a lot more then.  

And because CombiBars are divisible, you may liquidate them in smaller units depending on your financial requirements instead of selling them all at once. You could store, barter, trade, or gift small quantities of gold. This flexibility is not available with other gold bars. Not to mention, the smaller 1-gram gold bar size means increased compactness and portability, akin to gold coins. If you need a gold bar handy at all times, CombiBars fit the bill.

Valcambi Gold CombiBar Design

The Valcambi CombiBar’s front has the weight and fineness details engraved beside the Valcambi logo. Close to the base of every 1-gram bar is the text CHI ESSAYEUR FONDEUR, a French term meaning “assayer founder.” That stamp is the refinery’s official label and guarantees each bar’s quality. The marking is in French since Switzerland has no native language, and French is one of the country’s four official languages.

The reverse of the gold bar bears the Valcambi logo and the words denoting the piece’s maker, weight, and fineness. The rear side also carries the unique serial number indicating the gold bar’s authenticity and origin, such as where the gold bar was minted. These are some of the gold bar highlights in terms of design.

Do note that the design is customizable or can be personalized. Both the rear and front can be customized, provided the design conforms to Swiss custom rules and the mandatory marks are present. The customization requests apply if a certain minimum number of coins are ordered. The maker will determine the minimum quantity based on the desired customizations. The lead time for producing those coins will be longer than usual. For more specific info, it’s best to contact Valcambi directly.

Valcambi Gold CombiBar Metal Contents

The Valcambi Gold CombiBar is 99.99 percent pure gold or has a fineness of 999.9. Since 24-karat gold can easily bend or lose shape, CombiBars come packaged securely in a secure and slim PETG (polyethylene terephthalate glycol) blister card.

Valcambi Gold CombiBar Value and Prices

Since Valcambi CombiBars are made of pure gold, they are inherently valuable. As mentioned earlier, the bars carry no face value or transactional value. The exact value or prices depend on the spot price of gold at any given point. Because gold prices fluctuate daily, a CombiBar’s price will also not be constant. Determining the actual cost of a Valcambi CombiBar shouldn’t be that difficult, thanks to the myriad websites selling the gold bar and offering live gold prices.

The actual market price of the CombiBar could be slightly higher than gold prices as there are a few costs attached to conceiving the bullion bar. The mintage costs, however, won’t be as high as a gold coin, or the margins will be relatively thin. Disintegrating a 100 or 50-gram gold bar into multiple 1-gram pieces doesn’t devalue the gold bar. If breaking the bar into 1-gram units didn’t cause structural harm to the individual components, 50 one-gram units carry the same value as a 50-gram CombiBar.

Valcambi Gold CombiBar: Where to Buy

You can buy Valcambi CombiBars online or at offline stores. If you live in the U.S., offline availability may not be as high as in European offline stores. Regardless of where you live, you can buy the gold bar directly from Valcambi. Some other places where you can purchase CombiBars confidently include JM Bullion, Swiss Bullion, APMEX, and Kitco, to name a few.

When buying the gold bar from reputable retailers online, you can be assured of proper shipping, transit security, shipping insurance, and tracking information delivered to you immediately after the shipping process begins. The fully insured product will come in a security-sealed hard plastic case and an assay card verifying authenticity.  

The payment options include bank wire, PayPal, etc., which will be presented to you on the checkout page. There’s no cash-on-delivery payment option. The product value and the costs associated with shipping it are high, and letting customers reject a shipment will incur losses to the business.

Which Valcambi Gold CombiBar Variant Should You Buy?

The Valcambi CombiBar variant you buy will depend on your investment goal, budget, and personal preferences. The 100-g gold bar is the most popular since it strikes the right balance between size and value. If you’d like to buy more gold for the price, opt for an even bigger bar, thanks to economies of scale. Since a CombiBar can be broken down into several 1-gram gold units, the liquidity concerns that arise with larger gold bars will not hold for the Valcambi bar.


Gold bars are standard across the mill, and there are usually few reasons to invest in one over the other. But amidst this genericness, Valcambi CombiBars are a breath of fresh air. The dismantling structure of the gold bar is a big draw. It renders storing and carrying the gold bar a lot easy. And this is not some maverick company making these gold bars. Valcambi is one of the most renowned names in the space, assuring you of the highest quality. Moreover, the 24-karat nature of the bullion bar means it’s IRA-eligible. Therefore, whether you are an amateur or a seasoned investor, Valcambi CombiBars are excellent. 

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Is the Valcambi Gold CombiBar IRA eligible?

Yes, Valcambi CombiBars are eligible for a precious metals IRA (individual retirement account) since it’s 99.99 percent gold and made by a globally recognized mint. The two parameters are among the two major IRS requirements gold coins or bullion bars must meet to qualify for a precious metals IRA. However, contact your IRA custodian to confirm the same.
If Valcambi CombiBars qualify for your precious metals IRA arrangement, you could request the retailer to ship the package directly to the gold IRA depository. Exactly how that arrangement works out will depend on your custodian and the CombiBar seller. If the retailer is not okay with shipping to a third party, have

Are Valcambi Gold CombiBars a good investment?

Any piece of gold with the highest purity level is a sound investment. In other words, Valcambi CombiBars are great investments. The Valcambi brand, the innate ability to be broken down into several manageable units, etc., deem CombiBars an excellent investment vehicle.

Valcambi Gold CombiBar vs. Credit Suisse gold bar: What’s the difference?

Valcambi makes both CombiBars and Credit Suisse gold bars. Both are Swiss-made bars, 24-karat gold, and have a similar design language. However, the aspect that sets the Valcambi CombiBar apart is it can split into smaller units. Both bars come in different sizes, but the Credit Suisse bar offers a lot more size options.

Valcambi Gold CombiBar vs. PAMP Suisse gold bar: What’s the difference?

PAMP Suisse gold bar is another Swiss-made coin and is similar to how a Credit Suisse gold bar compares to a Valcambi CombiBar. However, PAMP SA (Produits Artistiques Metaux Precieux) makes its gold bars, not Valcambi. And the apparent difference between the two is CombiBar’s ability to disassemble itself.

How can you tell a fake Valcambi Gold CombiBar?

If the CombiBar you purchased cannot be split into units, it’s not real. Check the engraving for quality and precision. The serial number and assay information must be correct, as they are meant to prove the bar’s integrity and authenticity. And since a Valcambi CombiBar is all gold, carry out all tests you possibly can to ascertain the same—for instance, a magnet test, acid test, vinegar test, XRF spectrometer test, etc. Check the bar’s weight and dimensions and ensure it’s consistent with the claims.

What is the Valcambi Gold CombiBar worth?

A Valcambi CombiBar’s worth is whatever the current price of gold is and a slight premium. The actual market price will vary based on the bar’s size and whether it’s customized.

Are there Valcambi CombiBars in other precious metals?

Yes, there are Valcambi CombiBars in silver, platinum, and even palladium. However, their availability isn’t as extensive as the gold bars. Moreover, the silver, platinum, and palladium bars may not come in as many sizes as gold. But the 1-gram units are consistent across all the precious metals. Designs are identical, except for some changes in markings or texts denoting the bar’s makeup and metal.