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Monument Metals Review – Risky or Safe?

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Ranked #78 of 68

Monument Metals

3 / 5

monument metals gold ira review logo
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Ready to Protect Your Retirement Savings?
The best about Monument Metals
  • A Wide Selection of Products

  • Simple Sign-Up

  • Price Transparency

Ready to Protect Your Retirement Savings?
Monument Metals
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Monument Metals Review

Monument Metals is a family-owned business in Frederick, Maryland, that offers rare coins and precious metals online. They provide a wide range of high-quality collectibles and bullion products, with a focus on fair and transparent pricing and excellent customer service. The owners have almost thirty decades of combined industry experience and are veterans of the numismatic bullion business. The company has no minimum ordering requirements and provides deep knowledge and expertise without sales pressure. They only sell products that meet their quality standards.

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Our Rating categories: 

Our rating categories include the following: 

  1. Product range and Services
  2. Pricing
  3. Customer care
  4. Company reliability 
  5. Customer reviews

Monument Metals Review: Our Verdict #78

Monument Metals is a precious metals dealer that offers a wide range of investment products, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins and bars. The company has been in business for over a decade and has established a reputation for providing high-quality products and excellent customer service. Monument Metals offers competitive pricing and a transparent purchasing process, which includes real-time pricing information and market research resources to help investors make informed decisions.

In addition to selling precious metals products, Monument Metals also offers Gold IRA services, allowing investors to hold physical gold and other precious metals in their individual retirement account. The company works with IRA custodians to provide secure storage for the precious metals investments in an IRS-approved depository.

Overall, Monument Metals is a reputable and trustworthy precious metals dealer that offers a range of investment options for those looking to diversify their portfolio with tangible assets. However, investors should still do their research and compare Monument Metals with other dealers to find the best fit for their investment goals and risk tolerance.

Review of Monument Metals: Overall Rating: 3/5

Monument Metals Pros & Cons

  • Extensive selection of products: Monument Metals stands out due to its wide array of products that investors can select from. When compared to its competitors, Monument Metals has a distinctive selection that includes a variety of precious metals and rare coins, along with their collectibles, which can be valuable additions to an investment portfolio.

  • Ease of signing up: Monument Metals simplifies the account registration process by eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy. For investors who want to get started promptly, signing up for an account with them is easy and straightforward, requiring only basic information.

  • Fair fees: Monument Metals' fair pricing is another benefit for its customers. On their website, they display real-time prices for precious metals and the entry cost for each item in their inventory. This level of openness enhances the user experience and simplifies the purchasing process for investors.

  • No reference to IRA-Approved Gold: The company's website doesn't provide any information about IRA-approved bars and coins. This doesn't necessarily mean that they don't offer them, but it can be challenging for investors to determine which products are suitable for their IRA. This can be especially difficult for new investors who may not be familiar with which coins and precious metals can be transferred to an IRA account. Moreover, the absence of an IRA-approved product section on the website can make it harder to sort the coins. As a result, investors looking to quickly find products that align with their IRA may face more difficulty navigating Monument Metals' website.

  • Unclear return policy: Before making a purchase from Monument Metals, it's important to consider their return policy. The company guarantees that their products will meet your expectations, and if not, customers should contact them within five business days for a solution. However, it's unclear if they offer reimbursements within the allotted time. To clarify their policy, it's recommended to contact Monument Metals and ask for a formal explanation.

monument metals gold ira review products and services

Monument Metals Review: Key Summary

Experience Monument Metals is an experienced provider of precious metals products and services with a reputation for competitive prices and personalized customer support. They are a member of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
WebsiteMonument Metals' website is a user-friendly platform for clients to access educational resources, purchase precious metals, and learn about their services, including Gold IRA, storage, and delivery options.. You can access their website by clicking here.
Client Education Monument Metals provides accessible and informative educational materials on precious metals, covering market trends, coin and bar options, and Gold IRAs to help clients make informed investment decisions.
Customer Service Their responsive and attentive customer service guides clients through the process of purchasing precious metals, offering occasional company news and updates via email. Their dedication to client satisfaction and transparent pricing has helped establish a positive reputation in the industry.
Available Precious Metals OfferMonument Metals provides a diverse selection of precious metals products including coins, bars, and rounds in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.
Physical Storage  Monument Metals offers secure physical storage for clients' precious metals investments through third-party depositories in the United States. Clients can choose from multiple storage locations and are provided with detailed reporting and account management services. Monument Metals' storage facilities are fully insured and offer peace of mind to clients concerned about the safety and security of their investments.
Other Investments Available They also offer financing options for clients looking to purchase larger quantities of precious metals. Monument Metals does not currently offer other types of investments, such as stocks or bonds.
Annual FeesMonument Metals does not charge annual fees for precious metals investments, but additional services such as secure storage may have associated fees.
Trust link Rating4.7/5
Consumer Alliance RatingAAA

The Bottom Line

It's important to note that investing in Gold IRA carries risks and requires careful consideration and research. You should consult with a financial advisor or tax professional to ensure that a Gold IRA is the right investment strategy for your retirement goals and risk tolerance.

Product Range and Services

Monument Metals is a company that offers a diverse range of rare coins and precious metals for investors to purchase directly on their website. They provide a variety of options in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, including popular options like American Gold Eagles, American Gold Buffalos, Canadian Gold Maples, American Silver Eagles, Canadian Silver Maples, and Chinese Silver Pandas. Investors looking to purchase platinum can choose from options like American Platinum Eagles, American Platinum Coins, and Platinum Bars, while those interested in palladium can choose from Government Minted Palladium Coins, 1 oz Palladium Bars, and 10 oz Palladium bars.

In addition to these options, Monument Metals also offers pre-1933 coins like the Peace Silver Dollar, Morgan Silver Dollars, and $5 Liberty Half Eagles. For investors looking for copper products, they offer 1 oz. Copper Rounds, 5oz Copper Rounds, and Wheat Cents.

Overall, Monument Metals provides numerous opportunities for investors to invest in a wide range of precious metals and rare coins. With their extensive product offerings, they are a company worth looking into for anyone seeking a diverse range of investment options.

Monument Metals Gold IRA Services 

Monument Metals offers gold IRA services, which allow clients to invest in physical gold and other precious metals through an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). With a gold IRA, clients can diversify their retirement portfolio and potentially benefit from the long-term value and security of precious metals.

Monument Metals' gold IRA services include the setup and management of the IRA account, the purchase and storage of physical metals, and ongoing support and education. Clients can choose from a variety of IRA types, including traditional, Roth, SEP, and SIMPLE, and can select from a range of metals, such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Monument Metals' IRA specialists can guide clients through the process of setting up a gold IRA and provide support throughout the life of the account. They can also assist with the rollover or transfer of existing retirement accounts into a gold IRA. Overall, Monument Metals' gold IRA services aim to provide clients with a secure and flexible option for investing in precious metals for their retirement.


Monument Metals' fair and transparent pricing is evident through the display of current market prices of precious metals on their website's front page. This practice fosters trust amongst investors who can expect to receive a fair deal when making purchases through the company. The starting price for each metal also provides an indication of the minimum investment required. Although Monument Metals doesn't specify their shipping fees, they offer free shipping for orders exceeding $199, which is a substantial cost-saving measure considering the high value of precious metals. Consequently, investors stand to gain from this free shipping offer.

Monument Metals Gold IRA costs / fees

Monument Metals charges fees for their Gold IRA services, which can vary depending on the type of account and the investments selected. These fees typically include account setup and administration fees, storage fees for the metals, and potentially other charges for transactions or account maintenance.

The specific costs and fees associated with Monument Metals' Gold IRA services can be discussed with their IRA specialists, who can provide clients with detailed information on the fees and help them select the best investment options for their goals and budget.

It's important to note that Monument Metals aims to keep their fees competitive and transparent, with no hidden costs or surprises. They also provide education and guidance to help clients understand the costs associated with investing in a Gold IRA and make informed decisions.

Minimum investment

Monument Metals does not have a minimum investment requirement, meaning that clients can invest in precious metals with any amount they choose. This allows for flexibility and accessibility in investing, making it possible for individuals with different budgets to participate in the precious metals market.

monument metals gold ira review customer care

Customer Care

Monument Metals provides personalized services and education to clients. You can reach out to their customer service representatives via phone, live chat, and email, although their weekend support may be limited. Their service team is prompt and attentive to address any concerns or issues you may have. They will guide you through the entire process, including account financing, metal rates, holdings, and any other related procedures. The email address you provide for order processing may be utilized to keep you informed about your order's status, as well as to send occasional news, updates, and new product releases. By placing an order with Monument Metals, you agree to receive marketing emails from them, but you can unsubscribe from their mailing list at any time. They will retain your email for order-related communication, such as tracking numbers and delivery information.

Monument Metals Gold IRA Educational materials

Monument Metals provides educational materials to help clients learn more about investing in precious metals. These resources cover a variety of topics, including the benefits of investing in metals, how to diversify your portfolio, and the different types of metals available. They also offer information on the history and significance of specific metals, as well as market trends and analysis.

In addition to their educational materials, Monument Metals has a team of knowledgeable service representatives who are available to answer any questions clients may have. They can provide guidance on investing in metals, as well as help with account setup, financing, and other related procedures. Overall, Monument Metals strives to provide clients with the knowledge and support they need to make informed investment decisions.

Company Reliability 

Monument Metals is a family-owned company located in Frederick, MD. The owners have extensive experience in the numismatic and bullion business, having spent nearly 30 years combined in the industry. Previously focused on the wholesale market, they began selling to the general public in 2014. The company emphasizes effective buying, efficient operations, and low overhead to offer highly competitive pricing that is often better than larger online retailers or local coin shops. With their industry expertise and connections, they are able to provide top-quality coin and bullion products at prices that are hard to beat.

Customer Reviews 

In contrast to other businesses, customers strongly praise Monument Metals for its incredible deals, according to our analysis of real customer evaluations. The majority of customers seem to have been pleased with their transactions based on the reviews on TrustPilot, which they demonstrated by giving the business good ratings on the review platform.

Customers also have positive things to say about the company's customer service professionals. Customers describe them as a trustworthy business with knowledgeable and accommodating employees. Yet, there are complaints and even unfavorable reviews concerning the unclear return policy and dearth of gold that is IRA-approved.

Monument Metals Gold IRA independent 3rd party customer reviews

Money Metals Exchange has received high ratings from various business organizations such as the BBB, BCA, and Scam Report. Despite some negative reviews that are common in any industry, the positive ratings are a good indication that the company is a trustworthy and reliable provider of gold IRA and precious metals services.

Average star ratings
  • BBB logo

    BBB: A+

  • Trustpilot

    Trustpilot: 4.7/5

Monument Metals
vs the competition
monument metals gold ira review logo
Monument Metals

Best Customer Reviews

  • Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium

  • $10,000

    $5,000 non IRA

  • 80$

    80$ Annually

  • $100


  • A+

  • AAA

  • None

goldco precious metals IRA

Best for inflation protection

Visit Goldco
  • Gold & Silver IRA

  • $25,000

    $3,500 non IRA

  • $50 + $30

    $100 Admin Annually

  • $150 Segregated

    $100 Non Segregated

  • A+

  • AAA

  • Get 10% back in FREE silver

Augusta Precious metals
Augusta Precious Metals

"Best Company Reviews"

Visit Agusta
  • Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium

  • $50,000

    $50,000 non IRA

  • $50

    $200 Admin Annually

  • $125


  • A+

  • AAA

  • None

American Hartford Gold
American Hartford Gold

Best Gold IRA Price

Visit AHG
  • Gold & Silver IRA

  • $10,000

    $2,500 non IRA

  • $50

    $180 Admin Annually

  • Variable

  • A+

  • AA

  • Free silver worth up to $5,000 on qualifying purchases

birch gold group
Birch Gold Group

Best Customer Reviews

Visit Birch Gold
  • Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium

  • $10,000

    $5,000 non IRA

  • 80$

    80$ Annually

  • $100


  • A+

  • AAA

  • None

Alternatives to Monument Metals

If Monument Metals Gold IRA doesn’t meet your investment goals, consider the two cheaper alternatives below:

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Alternative “Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals intends for customers to retire comfortably by assisting them in including material silver and gold in their retirement conservations, which enables them to modify and teeter against the unfavorable impacts of the economy upon the fluctuating price of the dollar. Augusta Precious Metals provides silver, platinum, gold and palladium bullion packages and pre-rolled gold coins and silver coins to cater to the desires and appropriations of various species of investors.

Characteristics of the Better Business Bureau A+ Rating that compelled investors to employ their services include compliance with Business Consumer Alliance, no coercive sales tactics, price assurance on every top-quality coin, they specialize in 100% silver and gold, and a special, unrestricted one-on-one academic webinar, with customers possessing exclusive custody of their stakes.

Augusta Precious Metals promote the corporation's contributions following prevailing facts while assuring customers receive a good process and a retirement free of pressure.

Alternative “ Goldco”

Goldco is a privately held business with over ten years of experience helping clients protect their retirement assets, and based in the Los Angeles area.

Whether you want to buy physical gold and silver or diversify your retirement assets into a Precious Metals IRA, a Goldco Specialist can help you get the process done quickly and easily.

Thus, whether you have an IRA, 401(k), 403(b), TSP, or other related tax-advantaged retirement account, Goldco Expert consultants may assist you in protecting those investments through a Precious Metals IRA.

Renowned public figures like Sean Hannity, Chuck Norris, Ben Stein, and Stew Peters all support and recommend Goldco to their customers, loved ones, and friends as a great precious metals IRA company to work with.    

How to invest in Monument Metals

Investing in Monument Metals Gold IRA is a relatively straightforward process. Here are the general steps you can take:

  1. Open a Gold IRA Account: The first step is to open a Gold IRA account with Monument Metals or another custodian that offers Gold IRA services. You can do this by filling out an application form and providing the necessary personal information and identification documents.
  2. Fund Your Account: Once you have opened your account, you can fund it by transferring money from an existing IRA or rolling over a 401(k) or other retirement account. You can also make cash contributions to your Gold IRA account.
  3. Choose Your Investments: Once your account is funded, you can choose the gold and other precious metals products you want to invest in. Monument Metals offers a variety of options, including gold coins and bars, silver, platinum, and palladium.
  4. Purchase Your Investments: After selecting your investments, you can purchase them through Monument Metals or another authorized dealer.
  5. Store Your Investments: Finally, your gold and other precious metals investments will need to be securely stored in an IRS-approved depository. Monument Metals offers storage options for their Gold IRA clients.

Do We Recommend Monument Metals?

In our Monument Metals review we see the company is a legitimate precious metals company with over a decade of experience and minimal criticism. While no precious metals enterprise is perfect, Monument Metals Exchange provides real-time rates of precious metals, detailed bullion content, market research resources, and a transparent process for acquiring coins. Investors may find alternative options that offer better deals, but the choice ultimately depends on their preferences and satisfaction with the chosen company.

Our Verdict : 3/5

goldco precious metals IRA

$25,000 Minimum Investment

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Monument Metals' FAQs

What is the minimum investment for Monument Metals Gold IRA Precious Metals Gold IRA?

The minimum investment required to open a Monument Metals Gold IRA Precious Metals Gold IRA can vary depending on the type of account and the products being purchased. Investors should contact Monument Metals directly to discuss the specifics of opening a Gold IRA account and the minimum investment requirements associated with it.

What type of metals should I have with my Monument Metals Gold IRA?

You have the option to choose from a variety of metals, including gold, platinum, silver, palladium, copper, and rhodium. Nonetheless, it is advisable to invest in a range of metals for diversification purposes.

When would I be qualified for the Monument Metals Gold IRA distributions?

In general, you would be qualified for distributions from your Monument Metals Gold IRA once you reach the age of 59½. This is the standard age at which you can begin taking distributions from an IRA without incurring a penalty.

Is there a buyback program for Monument Metals Gold IRA?

Monument Metals Exchange has a buyback program for precious metals held in a Gold IRA, allowing investors to sell back at current market value. The buyback price is based on market conditions and metal condition. Contact the company for more information.

What storage options do I have with Monument Metals Gold IRA?

Monument Metals provides storge options including: International Depository Services Group (IDS) and SWP Cayman

Why would I need a custodian to handle precious metals in my Monument Metals Gold IRA?

Specialized custodians are required to handle the precious metal because self-directed IRAs give room to investment beyond publicly traded assets like bonds, funds and stocks.

Who is the custodian of Monument Metals Gold IRA Precious Metals Gold IRA?

The custodians of Monument Metals Gold IRA are Equity Trust Company and GoldStar Trust Company

How long will it take to rollover my IRA to the Monument Metals Gold IRAs Precious metals Gold IRA?

The time it takes to rollover an IRA to a Monument Metals Gold IRA can vary and may take a few weeks. Investors should contact Monument Metals to open a Gold IRA account and complete the necessary paperwork. They should then request a transfer of funds from their current IRA custodian, which can take a few days to a few weeks.