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Rosland Capital Review – Worth investing or not?

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Ranked #10 of 68

Rosland Capital

3 / 5

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Ready to Protect Your Retirement Savings?
The best about Rosland Capital Gold IRA
  • Advertises a high level of customer service to assist you in investing in precious metals.

  • Rosland Capital Gold advertises their focus on educating clients as well as their ability to deliver clients' metals within 10 days.

  • They claim to help you compare prices so you get the best market value on your purchases.

Ready to Protect Your Retirement Savings?
Rosland Capital
Before we get started with this review:
  • Choosing a business you can rely on with your precious savings is challenging. We are aware of this, which is why we produce informative content to provide you with as much knowledge as possible before making a choice.

    We have compiled a list of our top-rated investing firms so that comparing and selecting one that best meets your needs will be as simple as possible.

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Rosland Capital Gold IRA Review

Rosland Capital customers can invest in precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium, and platinum. They have vast industry expertise and experience to assist you in making an intelligent investment. They specialize in bars, coins, and metal-backed IRAs for your investment portfolio. Their team is made up of industry specialists who are dedicated to providing their clients with quality services. 

Even though they have received numerous complaints from the Better Business Bureau over the previous three years, most of which are related to refunds, pricing, and the delivery of precious metals. Apart from that, Rosland Capital maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, a 4 out of 5-star rating with Trustlink, and a AAA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance.

Our review of Rosland Capital Group IRA will cover the following;

  1. Product range and Services
  2. Pricing
  3. Customer care
  4. Company reliability 
  5. Customer reviews

Rosland Capital Group Gold IRA Review

Rosland Capital is one of the few precious metals firms in the United States, with a presence in European countries such as Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. Jeffrey Nichols, an economic specialist, advises Rosland management and clients. He also creates helpful newsletters that are distributed to clients every week. 

Furthermore, their customers prefer to invest in actual gold in the form of coins and gold bars in either premium or bullion type. They provide clients with a wealth of instructional tools on their website and through expert insights. They have a particular page that discusses gold's historical rates. You can also find a gold buying guide tagged “Get my free gold kit.” 

Rosland Capital has over 14 years of industry experience. It has formed strategic alliances with the British Museum, Formula 1, and the PGA Tour to provide its clients and enthusiasts with a fantastic selection of 100% unique coins. 

Review Of Money Metals Exchange: Overall Rating: 3/5

Rosland Capital Pros & Cons

  • They offer prompt delivery of their products.

  • Professionalism in dealing with clients.

  • They have over 15 years of industry experience.

  • They have a wide range of precious metals IRA services to choose from.

  • Easy to understand fee structure.

  • They are both domiciled in the US and overseas.

  • The company’s products are often overpriced.

  • They have received quite a number of complaints over the past 3 years.

  • Clients have to share storage with others.

  • Website do not disclose costs outright, which makes it harder for new customers to know their pricing from a glance.

  • Poor customer service.


Rosland Capital Review: Key Summary

Experience Founded in 2008, Rosland Capital has more than a decade of experience in the precious metals industry.
WebsiteRosland Capital has an easy to navigate website, you can visit their website by clicking here.
Client Education The firm is committed to providing educational resources on precious metals to the public. You can check their free guide here.
Customer Service Rosland Capital offers customized services and education.
Available Precious Metals OfferThey offer precious metals like gold, silver, Self-directed IRAs backed with gold and other types of precious metals.
Annual FeesThere is a one-time fee of $50 to set up your Rosland Capital gold IRA. Annual storage will depend on your choice and comes with a cost that varies according to the type of precious metal. 
Trust link Rating4/5
Consumer Alliance RatingAAA

Product Range and Services

You have various investment alternatives with Rosland Capital. They can assist you in purchasing your first gold or silver bar and other sorts of precious stones. Many client evaluations show that the organization is eager to go above and beyond to help you grasp its service recommendations.

Rosland Capital Gold IRA services

Rosland Capital offer several products to meet your retirement needs. Some of the products include gold bars, gold and silver coins, self-directed IRAs backed with gold and other types of precious metals, and antique coins and other numismatic collectibles. Whatever your preference, a representative is always available to walk you through their investment options. 

Furthermore, Rosland Capital offer 401(k) rollover services, Traditional and Roth planning, SEP IRA and Simple IRA planning. The IRS monitors and regulates the types of items that can be included in your gold IRA, which is why you should choose an industry expert like Rosland Capital to ensure that you're working with people that can provide you with access to good IRA products.

When you invest in an IRA backed by silver or gold, you are deciding to protect your retirement money against market risks that could have a substantial impact on your portfolio. A precious metals-backed IRA is a government-approved retirement account backed by silver, gold, platinum, and other precious metals. 

If you're no longer at your job, you can transfer your employer-sponsored 401(k) retirement plan. Making the right decisions can save you thousands of dollars which is where Rosland Capital comes in. 

A Traditional IRA and a Roth IRA are both fantastic retirement accounts, with many superior investing options available as you plan for the future. However, they are not the same, and you must distinguish between them. Keep that in mind when looking for the particular one that meets your needs. Furthermore, Rosland Capital can help you plan your SEP IRA and Simple IRA to help you make the most of your retirement account. A SEP plan usually assists business owners in having a simplified method to contribute to their worker's retirement plan as well as theirs. On the other hand, the contributions are made in Individual Retirement Account that has been set up for individual participants.


Rosland Capital offers several precious metal-backed IRAs with a great deal for your money. After creating an account, a representative will work with you to determine the best options for your budget.

Rosland Capital Costs/Fees 

There is a one-time fee of $50 to set up your Rosland Capital gold IRA. Annual storage will depend on your choice and comes with a cost that varies according to the type of precious metal. 

Minimum investment

Rosland Capital gold IRA requires a minimum of $10,000.

Note: If the holding value exceeds $3,000,000, you must contact the Money Metals Exchange customer representative directly.


Customer Care

Rosland Capital offers customized services and education. You can reach them via email or by visiting their office at regular work hours and meet with a representative.

Company Reliability 

Rosland Capital began operations in 2008. Rosland Capital began operations in 2008. The company has been growing steadily ever since, and now has a huge amount of experience under its belt.

The company's main focus is to provide high-quality financial services to clients. The firm also has a strong focus on client satisfaction and satisfaction with the service provided.

Rosland Capital Company history and background 

Rosland Capital is a precious metals expert based in Los Angeles, California. Marin Aleksov launched the company in 2008. It has since assisted clients worldwide in making more competent judgments when purchasing precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum to diversify their portfolios.

The company offers investment solutions through various products and services, including investment advice, securities trading, funds management, bonds trading and other financial products.

The company has put together a solid team of professionals, who are experts in their fields, and have extensive knowledge of the financial markets. The firm's staff is comprised of highly skilled and experienced traders and analysts with an extensive track record of success.

As a result of its large client base, Rosland Capital has been able to develop a number of unique products that allow traders to gain access to the best deals available on the market today.

Customer Reviews 

Rosland Capital is top-rated by clients. Their customer service officials are extremely knowledgeable about gold IRA and offer clients useful investment advice. Many of the users of their services give them 5-star ratings. They equally offer customers a nice collection of coins.

According to our research about the company, Rosland Capital enjoys great confidence from its customers. Reviews from sites like Trust Pilot and Google show that most clients are satisfied with the value they got from the firm. 

Rosland Capital Gold IRA Independent 3rd Party Customer Reviews

Rosland Capital has gotten numerous positive ratings and reviews from online sites. They got an excellent A+ rating from Better Business Bureau and a stellar AAA rating from Business Consumer Alliance. Although they have had quite a mix of negative reviews along the line, they have two reviews on Trustpilot and 70 reviews on Trustlink, with both giving a rating of 3.5.

Furthermore, you can check for customers' testimonials about their dedicated precious metal experts on a website like Reach150 and on Rosland’s customer reviews page. Each of Rosland Capital's offices may be unique and autonomous, but they all have one thing in common. They are committed to serving various overseas clients.

Rosland Capital's independent 3rd party customer reviews 

Rosland Capital maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, a 4 out of 5-star rating with Trustlink, and a AAA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance.

Average star ratings
  • BBB logo

    BBB: A+


  • BCA

    BCA: AAA


  • Trustpilot

    Trustpilot: 3.5


  • trustlink

    TrustLink: 3.5


Rosland Capital vs the competition
Rosland Capital

Best Customer Reviews

  • Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium

  • $10,000

    $5,000 non IRA

  • 80$

    80$ Annually

  • $100


  • A+

  • AAA

  • None

goldco precious metals IRA

Best for inflation protection

Visit Goldco
  • Gold & Silver IRA

  • $25,000

    $3,500 non IRA

  • $50 + $30

    $100 Admin Annually

  • $150 Segregated

    $100 Non Segregated

  • A+

  • AAA

  • Get 10% back in FREE silver

Augusta Precious metals
Augusta Precious Metals

"Best Company Reviews"

Visit Agusta
  • Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium

  • $50,000

    $50,000 non IRA

  • $50

    $200 Admin Annually

  • $125


  • A+

  • AAA

  • None

American Hartford Gold
American Hartford Gold

Best Gold IRA Price

Visit AHG
  • Gold & Silver IRA

  • $10,000

    $2,500 non IRA

  • $50

    $180 Admin Annually

  • Variable

  • A+

  • AA

  • Free silver worth up to $5,000 on qualifying purchases

birch gold group
Birch Gold Group

Best Customer Reviews

Visit Birch Gold
  • Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium

  • $10,000

    $5,000 non IRA

  • 80$

    80$ Annually

  • $100


  • A+

  • AAA

  • None

Alternatives to Rosland Capital

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If the terms of investment in Gold IRA account with Rosland Capital is not favorable or what you are looking for, check out the two cheaper alternatives below:

Alternatives to Rosland Capital

August Precious Metals is a renowned distributor of physical gold and silver IRAs for diversification and retirement portfolios. It is a famous firm amongst clients of retirement age. Augusta Gold IRA is a gold IRA account designed to help you build the most valuable retirement investment portfolio possible. Their goal is to help you reach your goals faster and with less risk.

Augusta Gold IRA is a gold IRA account that allows you to make tax-deferred contributions to your self-directed IRA as well as take advantage of our unique gold IRA custodian service. They are able to offer this service because they are one of the best gold custodians in the United States. This gives them a great reputation for safety, security, and efficiency.

GoldCo Gold IRA

GoldCo is a leading provider of gold IRA accounts. They offer a wide variety of gold coins and bars that can be used to create your own custom gold IRA account. GoldCo Gold IRA Accounts are not only an easy way to get into the gold market but also provide you with the opportunity to diversify your portfolio by adding physical gold. These accounts are perfect for those who have a long-term goal of holding physical gold in their retirement accounts.

The GoldCo Gold IRA account is a great way to diversify your portfolio without paying high fees on other investments like stocks or bonds. In addition, the account is customizable so that you can pick and choose from among several different options when it comes to choosing what type of coin you want to purchase.

How to invest in Rosland Capital

  • Begin with what you're most comfortable with. The American Eagle and Canadian Maple Leaf gold bullion coins are excellent examples of inexpensive North American gold coins. The US and Canadian Mints guarantee purity, and these can even be used to fund a Gold IRA.

In addition to the American Eagle and Canadian Maple Leaf, Rosland Capital offers a diverse range of North American and international bullion coins, as well as limited edition gold coins such as the PGA TOUR PLAYERS Championship, the Presidents Cup, and the British Museum Coin Collections.

  • Select your denomination with care. For example, the American Eagle gold coin is available in four denominations: 1 ounce, 1/2-ounce, 1/4 ounce, and 1/10 ounce. Suppose you're a seasoned gold buyer who knows what you're looking for. In that case, you might prefer the 1-ounce gold coin over the fractional variations, which have more fantastic prices. If you're new to buying gold, start with ¼-ounce coins because each item requires a smaller initial investment. It also gives you more options when it comes to selling.
  • Know what you're getting. Make careful to find out how much the gold coins cost from your dealer ahead of time, as well as any shipping fees that may apply. Rosland Capital can assist gold purchasers in learning about the price of gold and the possible benefits of fortifying assets with gold and other precious metals.

Do We Recommend Rosland Capital?

Rosland Capital has recently proven to be a trustworthy organization. Their strategic alliances with various manufacturers ensure that you receive the most outstanding service offered on the market.

Our Verdict : 3/5

goldco precious metals IRA

$25,000 Minimum Investment

Get up to 10% Back in FREE Silver


Rosland Capital's FAQs

What is the minimum investment for Rosland Capital Precious Metals Gold IRA?

The minimum investment capital for a Rosland Gold Capital IRA is $10,000.


What type of metals should I have with my Rosland Capital Gold IRA?

Your choice of metal is entirely up to you, though you can seek advice from Rosland before making a decision.


When would I be qualified for the Rosland Capital Gold IRA distributions?

You cannot withdraw from your gold IRA until you are 59. You must pay any income taxes payable on any withdrawals at that time. You may liquidate the metals in your account for cash or take physical ownership of them without penalty.


Is there a buyback program for Rosland Capital Gold IRA?

Yes, Rosland Capital will buy your gold if you need cash.


What storage options do I have with Rosland Capital?

Storage options vary by asset, and you will most likely be told of your options.


Why would I need a custodian to handle precious metals in my Rosland Capital Gold IRA?

You’ll need a custodian to handle your transactions, tax reporting, and paperwork for your actual gold, silver, platinum, or palladium if you own a Precious Metals IRA.


How long will I roll over my IRA to the Rosland Capitals Precious metals Gold IRA?

Rosland Capital gold IRAs can assist customers looking to move their IRA. A representative will work with you to determine your alternatives and which coins are eligible for inclusion in your gold IRA. They can then transfer your IRA holdings and store your precious metal in a secure location.