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Gold Avenue Review – Safe to Invest or Scam?

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Ranked #30 of 68

Gold Avenue

3 / 5

gold avenue gold ira review logo
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Ready to Protect Your Retirement Savings?
The best about Gold Avenue
  • Purchase procedure has been simplified.

  • Provides storage facilities

  • Provide a certificate of ownership

Ready to Protect Your Retirement Savings?
Gold Avenue
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Gold Avenue Review

Gold Avenue is a great option for those who are looking to invest in precious metals.

The company offers accounts that allow investors to buy, sell and hold precious metals. Gold Avenue also has the ability to buy and sell physical gold bullion coins, bars and minted coins.

Gold Avenue has established itself as one of the leading gold investment companies in the industry. The company offers a variety of different types of investments and products that can fit any investor's needs.

Gold Avenue is the online retailer for MKS PAMP GROUP; they are a well-known name in the Precious metals industry. Gold Avenue mostly provides solutions related to precious metals. A 20-member expert team in the company is responsible for providing transparent solutions to earn the trust of their clients. They have more than 60 years of experience in the business, developing different ways to improve the services they provide. According to facts, Gold Avenue started to win clients by giving them precious metals directly from the source.

Gold Avenue provides fewer services than other gold companies. But the gap, due to the lesser gap they provide between the source of precious metals and the consumers, the price of delivery for the products and services possibly cost less.

gold avenue gold ira review homepage

Gold Avenue Ratings: Our Rating categories:

Our rating categories for this Gold Avenue review are:

  • Product range and Services
  • Pricing
  • Customer care
  • Company reliability
  • Customer reviews

Gold Avenue Review

Gold Avenue that allows investors of the precious metals sector to buy physical gold and silver coins and rounds, as well as bullion bars. The fund invests in both physical and futures contracts, which allow you to purchase gold at prices locked in by the market.

Gold Avenue was rated among the top 30 according to reviews. It provides a bridge between clients buying precious metals and the source of precious metals at a reasonable price. Although it does not provide IRA services, they are of very good quality.

Review of Gold Avenue: Overall Rating: 3/5

Gold Avenue Pros & Cons

  • They provide good precious metal products.

  • There is no additional commission on sales that are already in storage vaults.

  • Provides free secure storage for products that weigh 10kg and above.

  • They Provide a certificate of ownership.

  • They lack ratings and reviews.

  • They don't provide IRA services.

gold avenue gold ira review products and services

Gold Avenue Review: Key Summary

ExperienceThey have been in operation for over 60 years. They have a rich experience, and the company is very reliable.
WebsiteTheir website is easy to use and navigate through. Like other gold investment platforms, their website provides information on all their services.
Client EducationTheir website has educational materials that help enlighten clients on their available services.
Customer ServiceTheir top-notch customer service team provides services that make investment easier and better.
Available Precious Metals OfferThey have gold, silver, Platinum and palladium available
Physical StorageThey are physically stored in vaults 
Other Investments AvailableN/A
Annual Fees0.5%
Trustlink Rating4.7
Consumer Alliance RatingA+

The Bottom Line

Gold Avenue has a rock-solid reputation in Europe. It is one of the most prominent precious metals sellers. New and old precious metals investors will find t easy to use and understand the website. The only minor issue is there needs to be better IRA service for its customers. This company deals openly with the public, which is a great reason for its massive success.

Product Range and Services

Gold Avenue official online retailer offers a wide range of precious metals products for sale. These precious metals include cast bars, coins, minted bars and legal tenders. You can also buy precious metals from the company in gold, silver products, Platinum coins and palladium coins.

Gold Avenue Services

Gold Avenue has yet to inform us if they wish to start offering IRA services. Their introductory offers are:

They offer multiple precious metals options at the spot price and accept payment via wire transfer, Gold Avenue pay and credit cards. They accept USD, EUR, GBP and also CHF.

They also provide storage facilities for precious metals purchased by their customers; This helps in reselling precious metals that belong to the same client at no extra cost.


Gold Avenue is a genuine company with top ratings on multiple sites like Better Business Bureau. It offers retail investors most reputable mints and storage facility at refinery direct price. Gold Avenue offers great value for money. Clients can store $10000 and above of precious metals bought from Gold Avenue for free with no extra costs eg for buying, storing or selling metals. Gold Avenue provides fully allocated swiss AAA vaults that are not part of any banks or systems and are secure. All the products belonging to clients are placed physically in different storage vaults. With this arrangement, offshore investors can store their Gold Avenue precious metals with one click at any time of the day on the website.

The fine gold products or gold bars are given serial numbers when clients want the precious metals brought to their residences. A downloadable storage certificate on their website shows proof of ownership of the precious metals (coins and bars) in each of the segregated vaults. Plus, audits are conducted daily by gold Avenue on the items in the free secure segregated vaulting in other to guarantee the safety of all client's assets. Gold Avenue fully insured products have a simple pricing formula they use in storing clients' metals. The storage is free when the value of the holding vault is $10000 or less. $8 is charged monthly when the value of the holding vault is between $10000 and $100000. Finally, any vault holding precious metals above $100000 has an annual charge of 0.5% and a dedicated manager.

Gold Avenue costs/fees

Gold Avenue has a very affordable fee for storing physical gold. For example, for a precious metal that is worth $11000, there is free storage available. If the value of precious metals is less than $110000, there are three months of free storage as a welcome benefit and an $8 monthly charge going on. When the value of the holding vault exceeds $110000, there will be a 0.5% fee of your entire asset value as storage cost yearly. There is insurance attached to all prices, and no need for any other ongoing commitment.

Minimum investment

There is no minimum investment order amount for Gold Avenue. There is every quantity of products available for sale on the website. Note, however, the minimum investment amount for wire transfer payment is CHF100.

gold avenue gold ira review customer care

Customer Care

Gold Avenue is a great company to make deals with. They have an excellent customer care department, and the process, from bank deposits to making purchases of precious metals, is quick and easy.

Gold Avenue Educational materials

Gold Avenue has provided educational materials on its website. It has made it easy to understand frontends filled with knowledgeable information on their products that is enough to aid their client education. Several centres provide important information about gold and precious metals and their services on the Gold Avenue website.

Company Reliability 

The rich information about Gold Avenue on the internet shows how genuine the company is.on Trustpilot, some reviews state the reliability of the firm. They have a star rating of 4.7, which shows their trustworthiness. Customer reviews mostly praise how easy their internet platform is, starting from the signup to making transactions. According to the reviews, customer care was excellent.

Gold Avenue Company history and background

Gold Avenue is the official retailer for the MKS PAMP GROUP. They are a swiss family with a global reputation. For over 60 years, they became a leader in the Precious metals industry. Their headquarters is located at Promenade de Saint-Antoine 10, CH-1204 Geneva, Switzerland.

Customer Reviews 

Gold Avenue is too rated by clients. The company's customer reviews give a bird's eye view of its performance. There is a mixture of bad and good on the sites with Gold Avenue reviews. Customers expressed praises for its smooth internet process and easy-to-understand materials. On a general ratio, there were more good reviews than bad ones.

Gold Avenue independent 3rd party customer reviews

Gold Avenue has ratings and reviews only on its Facebook profile and Trustpilot. It does not have ratings on other websites like BBB, BCA or Trustlink.

On Trustpilot, however, there are a lot of reviews that say the company is trustworthy. It has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 1348 reviews.

Average star ratings
  • Trustpilot

    Trustpilot: 4.7/5

Gold Avenue vs the competition
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Alternatives to Gold Avenue

If Gold Avenue services is high for your budget, check out the two more cost-effective alternatives below:

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Alternative “Augusta Precious Metals”

Augusta precious metal is a precious metals IRA company on the top 3 list of IRA companies. They provide high-quality gold IRA and other precious metals investment services. Their services are aimed at beginners and experts. They have excellent customer service, an easy opening and funding account process and an IRA expert team that takes care of investment needs. Finally, you can trust them to secure your precious metals. They work hand in hand with Delaware security solutions to ensure the safety of Precious metals.

Alternative “Goldco”

Goldco Is also a good IRA and precious metals investment company. It is well known in the industry for its quality and superb services. The company has been in the precious metals industry for some years, and they have acquired customer trust through its customer-friendly offers and excellent customer care. Goldco is an award-winning investment company and is too rated on several platforms. No matter your experience level, they have an expert team that guides the customers through their opening and funding account process.

How to invest in Gold Avenue

Gold Avenue has provided several options on how to make investing easier and better.

You can open an account with Gold Avenue by completing their online application form and submitting your personal details. Funds are deposited into your account immediately upon approval.

Once you've opened an account, visit their website where you can find a list of all of their offerings for different types of investors.

You'll also see a list of brokers who offer this product along with other products from them that might interest you such as coin storage services or precious metals trading accounts.

Do We Recommend Gold Avenue?

Although Gold Avenue has proved to be a decent company and not a scam, we do not recommend them. They are not the best choice for investors seeking to make purchases of Precious metals, and there are other better options for investors. Investors who wish to protect their savings with physical gold and silver kept in a tax-protected IRA account should go for other investment providers.

Our Verdict : 3/5

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Gold Avenue's FAQs

What is the minimum investment for Gold Avenue?

Gold Avenue provides no minimum investment. Investors can buy any amount of gold they wish to buy.

What type of metals should I have with my Gold Avenue?

They provide precious metals like gold, silver, Platinum and palladium.

When would I be qualified for the Gold Avenue distributions?

There is no age specified to invest in Gold Avenue distributions.

Is there a buyback program for Gold Avenue?

With Gold Avenue, it is possible to sell your precious metals with no extra commission.

What storage options do I have with Gold Avenue?

Gold Avenue provides vaults with swiss AAA that holds physical metals.

Why would I need a custodian to handle precious metals in my Gold Avenue?

It is required by law that each gold IRA company has a custodian.